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Wedding Planners Monday 6th December 2021: The episode starts with KT deadly closet. Preeti asked him why he kept the stuff Nandini until now. She said you hurt yourself with memories Nandini. He did not listen and locked himself in the restroom. He shouted to explain it. He runs a knock and ignore it. She said you hurt yourself by thinking Nandini all the time, it’s wrong, you can start to forget it, throw stuff, just give me a chance to come to you, try to get out of it, throwing Attention Nandini, it will only hurt you , do you see yourself, listen to me. She cried and said I had to do something magic to her Nandini ends. He recalled the words preeti.

Nandini received an envelope. She checked. Preeti come and say behind your tickets to Singapore, just pack your bags and go, you want to lie and marry KT, you do not try it again, just go away if you do not want to lose the respect of your own.

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Wedding Planners Monday 6th December 2021: Nandini buckling. He said we both know that KT love me, I think you’re calm like a cow. Preeti says when the family, a woman takes a lioness avatar, you can not understand KT and my relationship, you try to provoke me against KT, you think you can stop me to keep my oath, never, I swear I’m right. Do not try to go back in his life, I am not a child to come up with your words, you lose your husband and your family, KT and my relationship is connected from the moment we became business partners, we have a mutual understanding, we be reciprocal , you will not understand it, thank you for the cost of your actions, KT and I came closer, just pack your bags and go. Nandini told me I could not go.

Preeti says I know you want to ruin the life of KT. Nandini said KT has stopped me to file a case, he stopped me from making a payment from my card, my check bounced and he filed a case, you think about it, he did not receive any payment from me and stop me, he missed me deal, he would like to connect with I am arguing, as it is our love, it’s like the story of the film, I feel bad for you, leek, KT will always love me, you’ll just be a mask for her, she’ll Wear a mask just to show me, how long you will hold hands, one day he’ll come to me, I know him well, he got mad at me, it’s a way to show his anger, you can not understand this, you can not understand it, he had no anger, distraction and love for you, you a waste of time, soon, I will be at home and bedroom KT.

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Neelima sent Gopal. He’s got a tiffin and packing food. He called someone and said yes, I had packed Tiffin. Neil comes and asks why you’re cooking, where the servants, to whom Tiffin. Neelima scolded. Neil said I was just talking. Sneha came and asked what happened. Neil did not say anything. Neelima says your son forgot how to speak with the elders, fathers KT has produced a lot, it does not mean Neil sit back and spend some time. He goes. Sneha cry. Neil said come on Mom, Neelima has no heart, you love it, stop crying.

KT ask what the need for this ritual. Shivraj asks if you would say no to me now. KT said you suddenly get married and bringing home preeti, we did not say anything, we give respect, he is our shoulders, you have become her husband, sitting in the puja with her. Gopal says Pandit called. Shivraj ask KT to change clothes and come. Nandini got a call. He asked if I would say more or attend my call. Preeti got a call Shivaj. Shivraj said go home for Puja. He said I’ll come. He goes.

Wedding Planners Monday 6th December 2021: Preeti and sat at puja kt. He recalled the words of Nandini. KT remember the words preeti. Shivraj asked where Kushala / Neelima. Sneha says she does not want to attend the puja, so he went. Shivraj said it was fine. Pandit gave sindoor to KT. He said you know why his wife maang filled with sindoor every morning, my wife would not think to shed blood for her husband, sindoor this is a

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