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Wedding Planners Saturday 1st January 2022:The Episode begins with Preeti examining the marriage arrangements with Dev and Meera. Meera asks Preeti not to add sugar in Dev’s tea, he has diabetes. Dev requests some sugar. She admonishes him. He giggles. Preeti gives them the tea cups. Meera says you would feel that we were battling commonly when we initially met you, we didn’t battle today, this is a result of Preeti, much appreciated. KT says we called the wedding picture takers from Mumbai. Preeti gets LCR’s call. KT separates. She says sorry, its a critical call. KT checks out her. Dev gets some information about the inn game plans. KT says I m sorry. Preeti says sorry, it was critical. She gets a call once more. KT takes her telephone. He says you had made principles, simply work during work hours. Meera says we will meet Varun and come. Dev says fine. They leave.

KT asks how can you get many calls today, who is LCR, I don’t have any acquaintance with him. She says it tends to be anybody, for what reason are you asking me, do I ask you anything, no, stop this enquiry, I likewise have a daily existence, let me handle it my way. He says OK. He gives her telephone and goes. She cries and says I have chosen, I m prepared, I will mail my tickets. Neil says Preeti has made a spot in Kushala’s heart, you additionally attempt, Sneha dissolves heart soon, Kushala is severe and haughty, assuming she adores somebody, then, at that point, she can do anything. Priyanka says I get a virus feeling from her side. He says I love my family a ton, I will be happy assuming that you acknowledge them, believe me. She gestures.

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Wedding Planners Saturday 1st January 2022: Dev and Meera have dance practices. Meera says this dance is unthinkable, cause us to do anything more. Dev says we needed to astound our child with the dance execution, we don’t think its conceivable. KT says I will instruct you. He hits the dance floor with Meera. She says OK, its straightforward. She requests that KT and Preeti show them dance. Preeti says we can’t show you, choreographer will instruct you. Meera requests that she kindly show them, this dance is pixie for them. KT signs Preeti. Preeti says alright. KT and Preeti dance. Dev and Meera look on.

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Preeti reviews his words and makes him away. She says sorry, I can’t do this. She goes. KT says I will just come. He pursues her. He says we have moved before additionally, what’s the issue assuming that we dance presently, what’s the significance, tell me. She says we ought to be proficient. He asks what do you mean, we must be proficient, we shouldn’t get individual, right, this is occurring a result of the previous evening, its past, we can’t erase it, fail to remember it. She asks truly, is it simple for you. He says it was a mix-up, customers are sitting tight for us, come. She gets call once more. He says you can keep away from individual calls during work time. KT and Preeti dance once more. Dev records the video. Ik tara… .plays…

Wedding Planners Saturday 1st January 2022: KT requests that Dev and Meera attempt. Dev says its difficult. KT sees Preeti’s telephone ringing. He thinks who is frantic to converse with her. He takes the telephone and thinks who is it, I m not questioning her, however I need to check whether she is in any issue. He takes the contact. Preeti comes and says you have my telephone. He says no, it was here, we should return home. She says I m going to Kusum’s home today, Juhi was likewise… He says its OK, I should allow you to reside as per your desire. He returns home. He considers Preeti. He dozes on the love seat. He gets up and says I will inquire as to whether she had food. He checks LCR’s contact and says assuming I call, then, at that point, it would imply that I m keeping an eye on Preeti, no, I would be in strain in the event that I don’t call, I will talk once. He calls and gets some information about Preeti getting many calls from this number. KT asks what, Preeti went after position in a wedding arranging organization. KT says Preeti will leave me and Shaadi mubarak in 20 days. He reviews her words. He cries.

KT gets down on Preeti and says I have come to take you, my heart beats for you, don’t leave me, I love you a ton Preeti. Preeti hears KT’s admission. She leaves in the transport. KT gets stunned.


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