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Wedding Planners Saturday 25th December 2021:The Episode begins with KT saying I know your anxiety, Nandini is off-base, yet I m vulnerable, I can’t survive without Arjun. Preeti says Nandini knows this, she is playing with your feelings. He yells indeed, I m enthusiastic, attempt to comprehend, this is KT, I m an absurd passionate man, who can go to any degree for family, Arjun is my child, he will remain with me. She requests that he comprehend Nandini’s rationale. He says Arjun will remain with me, I acknowledge whether Nandini stays with me. He leaves. Nandini says I know how to separate KT. Preeti says another battle will start now, your reality has come out, you won’t hurt KT, I will ensure him as a safeguard. She leaves. Nandini says its opportunity to kill your better half, your life will be dismal also like mine, it will be only dimness in Tibrewal house.

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KT comes to Arjun. Arjun inquires as to for what reason are you doing this, I was trusting that my mother and father will be together, however you requested that mother disappear, for what reason wouldn’t i be able to remain with you both, for what reason am I so unfortunate. KT says you are not unfortunate, I can do anything for you. Arjun asks would you be able to leave Preeti for myself and make mother your better half to finish our family. KT says I can do anything, yet not this, apologies. Arjun cries. KT asks would you be able to acknowledge Preeti as your mother, it will likewise finish our family. Arjun says Preeti is your better half, she can never be my mother. He disappears. Preeti looks on.

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Wedding Planners Saturday 25th December 2021:Kushala requests that Shivraj purchase a land for Arjun. He says when KT presents Arjun as his child, we can declare about the news. Shivraj says its extraordinary. He requests that Sushant actually take a look at the land around the sanctuary. Sushant says it will be great. Kushala requests that he purchase the land. Sneha says Neil is likewise a child of this family, Kushala doesn’t think about him. She says Kushala resembles my senior sister, she will comprehend, I realize Arjun came following 17 years, so she needs to give him all the joy, however I feel downright terrible when she doesn’t ponder Neil, is this right.

Shivraj says Sneha is saying right, we failed to remember that Neil is additionally the child of this family, Sushant we committed an error. Sushant says its in no way like that. Kushala asks how might you contrast Neil and KT and Arjun, you realize Neil isn’t our blood, we realize Sneha took on him from her sister, for what reason is she requesting her freedoms. Sneha says however I have acknowledged him as my child, is blood connection everything for you. Kushala says OK, blood matters the most, we did a great deal for Neil, don’t hope for something else. Sneha cries. Nandini comes and says I was showing old collections to Arjun, I got KT and Shivraj’s pic. Kushala says its Kuldevi puja. Nandini says for what reason didn’t Arjun and KT do this puja. Kushala says we neglected, we will keep this puja tomorrow on Makar Sankranti, we will call the press there and cover the puja, I will call the pandit there. KT says fine. Nandini says I will tell Arjun. Preeti inquires as to why this idea now. Kushala says Nandini saw the pic and recommended it. Preeti thinks Nandini is focusing on KT, I won’t allow her to succeed. Nandini figures KT will take his life, Preeti can sit idle. Preeti figures what does Nandini need to do. KT comes. Preeti embraces him and cries.

She says Nandini might hurt you, I m frightened. KT asks her not to stress, very soon Nandini will be out and Arjun will be with them. She requests that he pause. She goes. Nandini tosses things. She says Preeti saved KT today. She gets Ravi’s remains pot. She says I won’t lose, I won’t leave KT. Preeti attaches a defensive string to KT. She says this will forever secure you, guarantee me, you won’t ever loosen it. He guarantees. He says I needn’t bother with this, since you are my defensive safeguard, I m stressed for Nandini, she is battling you. He requests that she grin. She grins.

Wedding Planners Saturday 25th December 2021:Nandini and Arjun prepare. She says you look the best, 10 on 10. Arjun embraces her and expresses profound gratitude, love you. He leaves. She says Arjun is a moron, KT didn’t allow me to take off from the house in view of Arjun, Arjun has turned into KT’s shortcoming and my solidarity, perceive how KT will bite the dust today on account of his stupidity.

KT presents his child Arjun. Nandini says I had taken on Arjun, he isn’t KT’s child. She shows reception papers. She requests that KT end it all like Ravi did assuming he has any disgrace. She says KT has ended his life in light of the injury. Everybody gets stunned.


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