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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Saturday 4th December 2021 Starlife: The episode starts with KT says you have my insulted in front of Preeti, you know I forget things, I don’t leave you in the office intentionally, you have nandini here. He said I was unconscious, he had me here. He said he insulted us, I care what he thought about us. He asks if you care. He said you would not understand. He goes. He said I want to understand, I respect our relationship and want to save it, how I will make this relationship strong. Neelima said leaving false hopes. He scolds a lot of preeti.

He said you wanted to rule in this house. Preeti says no. Neelima warned against hurting KT. He goes. Shivraj came to Preeti and asked him not to feel bad from this neelima’s words. He said KT was in sadness for years, I just hope in you, you can bring him out of the sadness given by Nandini and make him happy, get a place in this house, which is not an easy struggle for you, you are are not alone here, I’m with you. He blesses and left.

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Preeti goes to make Kada. Sneha scolded the gopal and asked why Preeti was here. Preeti said I came to make Kada for myself. Sneha said Kushala / Neelima would be angry to know this, we were not allowed to cook food. Preeti said but I love cooking food, there are some rules in this house, if he knows that you break the rules, he will be angry, just leave. Preeti left.

Neil said if Preeti knew this, then …. KT said only we had to know it. Preeti thinks what he is hiding. KT gets a video call. Nandini shows her nail pink paint. KT said time to forget some things, you remember this tattoo. He said yes, you got it made on our first birthday, you have won more than pain and scared because of me. He said I hate you, the name Preeti will be there now, I will delete your name, like I have deleted you. He said he didn’t do it. He said I would send a pic when I got the name Preeti here. Neil asks for KT to think again. KT said he decided.

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Wedding Planners Saturday 4th December 2021 Starlife: Preeti stopped the tattoo maker and sent him out. Neil left. Preeti asks why you did this. KT said I was making your name tattoo, you my wife, I love you so I married you. He said you lay down, you married me to take revenge on Nandini

. He said he didn’t take my name. He said he was between us, I didn’t need all this. He asks what you want. He remembered Nandini’s words and was angry. He said I wanted to forget Nandini, I was in memories since 17 years, so I forgot to bring home, I would not give you an opportunity to insult you again, I will have your name, not him, I hate him, he will be sick when I delete it The name of the tattoo, the pain that will give me tranquility, you will be happy. He said no hatred name as my love.

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He said you were a superstar wife, but you don’t have to say a big dialogue. He said you always say that there is no need to forget things, you don’t love me, accept it. He asks what you say, I love you so I will bear the pain. He said you did not love me, this just pretended, love just happened, felt, he couldn’t be displayed like this. He kissed and asked for your feelings now. He goes. He cries.

Juhi came to Priyanka and asked you not to come out. He got this Sumedh’s call. He asked what, I came. He said there was a short circuit and fire broke in the store. He goes. Neelima said that left sandals here, who did this. Sneha said it might be from Preeti. Neelima called Preeti and scolded him to leave dirty sandals at the entrance of the house. He asked Preeti not doing this again. He asked the gopal throwing sandals out. Sneha said maybe Preeti only had one partner. Neelima said I didn’t care, I would make a preeti from home immediately.

Wedding Planners Saturday 4th December 2021 Starlife: Kusum is worried. He said no one would cry in front of Juhi and Sumedh, did not state that bad happened to them. Kusum and his daughter cried. He said it would be a big loss. He said no one would cry in front of them. Priyanka is worried. Shivraj asks where is Preeta. KT said I didn’t know. Neil asks what. Shivraj said then find out, he was the first to have dinner with us

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