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Wedding Planners Saturday 8th January 2022: The Episode begins with Phurti requesting that the young lady give cash, the marriage will not occur now. She shows the pic. The young lady says its KT’s pic, he isn’t my ex Toshu, I had sent KT’s pic unintentionally. Phurti says I will simply figure it out and come. Sheena and Preeti see KT dealing with the child and grin. Preeti says we will call the police. Phurti says child’s mum has come, for what reason to call the police. Sheena says this young lady gave over the child to KT and left. Phurti tells everything. She says I had guaranteed the customer, give me the child. KT says we won’t return the child. Phurti says I committed you a dad by error, you got genuine feelings. He says I don’t think that you are correct, you got the child on lease, you gave child to an outsider. Phurti asks what’s going on, for what reason are you accepting the child as though you don’t have your very own child. KT admonishes her.

Wedding Planners Saturday 8th January 2022: Phurti inquires as to for what reason are you giving me address on qualities. She gives her card and says I can do any show, I can end any strain, I can drive even vehicle and bike, I simply need cash. He gets some information about the child’s folks. She says they will appreciate, they will get pay. She says give me the child. Preeti says give the child, she will take the child to its mum. KT says fine, give the cash to the guardians and ask him not to give child on lease. Phurti requests 10000rs. KT gives the cash. She says the child is fortunate for me. She goes. Preeti figures I will bring this bliss to KT. Kushala changes the room as per Vaastu. Neil says she is doing this so KT and Preeti get youngsters. Priyanka jokes and giggles.

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Preeti is at the sanctuary. She makes a mannat. She figures my age shouldn’t divide KT’s desires, my reports will come great. Phurti likewise comes there. She implores get a visa for London. She additionally puts a coin. Phurti’s coin slides down on the divider and gets on Preeti’s coin. Preeti dreams of his youngster. He awakens and figures I won’t upset Preeti. Phurti dreams to be in London. A young lady and requests that she awaken. Phurti says you generally upset my fantasy.

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Wedding Planners Saturday 8th January 2022: Phurti’s companion says you got 35 lakhs to go to London. Phurti asks truly, I will be going to London. Her companion requests that she appreciate. Phurti says I will give this uplifting news to each and every individual who offended me. She really takes a look at the rundown. Preeti awakens and searches for Preeti. KT says you broke your own record today. She says OK, I don’t have a clue how I dozed late. He says I planned to awaken you, I saw you grinning, let me know your fantasy, I will satisfy it. She says I had seen… . He gets Phurti’s call. He asks who. She says I got the child to you. He says child criminal, how could you call me. She says you have seen my challenge, I will let you know today. She says you got everything, see we want to dream, my destiny is satisfying my fantasy, I won’t see individuals like you there. He says odd lady and detaches. Preeti asks whose call was it. He says Phurti called and said she did that to satisfy her fantasy, would anyone be able to foul up to satisfy dreams, tell me.

Preeti asks are the reports fine. Specialist says you have ovarian disease, you can’t turn into a mum in this state, you have exceptionally less time.. Preeti cries and leaves.


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