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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Sunday 12th December 2021: The episode begins with Neelima say I know Arjun is my heir. He asked Neil to not go for tuition and just welcomed home Arjun. Neil says of course, as you say. Neelima asked KT where Arjun, if he was okay. KT said casually, he’ll come in some time. She said I would prepare Arjun’s room, the rooms are very beautiful Neil, Neil can be shifted to the guest rooms. Sneha says you can shift to the guest rooms Arjun. Neelima angry. Neil said I was going to shift, it’s not a problem. asked when Arjun is coming. KT said some time. He asked if Nandini agreed to stay with you. He asks Gopal to get fresh flowers. He asked her what was said Nandini. Neelima says we will have food Fav Arjun from now. Sneha says we do not know his likes. Neelima said correctly. Preeti says Nandini will know, we will ask him. KT said not to call him, Arjun will come, you can ask him. He asks if you’re okay. He said yes. She said I feel you are hiding something. He did not say anything. Neelima went to greet Arjun. He did tilak and aarti. Arjun asked Nandini to come. Nandini come. They were surprised. Shivraj ask what are you doing here. Arjun said KT asked the mother to come.

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Wedding Planners Sunday 12th December 2021: Nandini asks why you are all surprised, as if you’ve seen a ghost. He says KT did not tell all, even preeti, he should notify preeti that he get his ex-wife back. KT said preeti know about it, I had to tell him. Preeti looked at her and cry. He said yes, he told me that you would come, he did not hide anything from me. Neelima said you did not think to tell us. Nandini said we would wait in the car, you are all talk, we have to stay here now. He took Arjun and go. Neelima asks what happened. KT told her everything. FB shows Arjun said I’ll come to your house when you meet the mother, makes it possible, you love me right.

A TOuch Of Love Teasers December 2021

A TOuch Of Love Teasers December 2021

KT said yes, I can not keep you, okay, I’ll keep Nandini demimu, I’m married to preeti, do not expect anything else. Fb ended. Shivraj reprimand KT to decide itself. Sneha says Arjun is the grandson, but not really that Nandini stay here. Sushant says yes, you can not keep preeti and nandini under the same roof. Neelima says KT correct decision, he did this to Arjun, we take care of Arjun, not Nandini. Shivraj said we would invite a big problem, he got evil intentions for us and destroy us, if you think about the emotions preeti. Neelima will ask preeti decide. KT said our decision, I have taken the advice preeti in this regard. Neelima asked what the problem now. Preeti ask Neil to get Arjun. Shivraj angry. Neil brings Arjun and Nandini. Neelima take Arjun. Nandini said KT has the habit to lie for my sake, he had lied to keep me, he did it for love. Preeti says you have left it and fled, he sees you as a mother Arjun. They argued.

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Neelima asks Arjun to arrange her bedroom by taking help of KT. Arjun agrees. Nandini asks preeti to understand what he should do now. Rati came to meet Kusum. She said I was sad to hear the bad news, Sumedh shops burned and alliances Priyanka broke, do not know what happened to you, keep my old slippers, I can not see you in trouble. He gave the note. He insulted Kusum. Kusum gave the note to her and insulted her back. He said taking the shoes and go, otherwise I would pat shoes, I’ll give you the good news, we break the alliance Priyanka, he was not good, Sumedh build his shop again, Juhi had a job in the Company Tibrewal, they trust him, lost now. Rati took the shoes and go. KT asks Arjun how her room.

Wedding Planners Sunday 12th December 2021: Arjun said it was nice. KT said let me know if you need a change. Neelima says KT both in interior decoration, we have adorned our bedroom after getting married. KT trying to leave. He says we have to spend time with Arjun, together as a family. KT said my wife was waiting, we’ll meet

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