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Wedding Planners Sunday 19th December 2021:The Episode begins with Nandini showing the cash to Preeti and KT. She requests that Preeti sign the papers. Preeti says I will count the cash first, you might outline Juhi once more. Nandini says I need to send you out soon, simply go. KT says let her check. Preeti keeps her telephone taken care of. KT asks will she sign the papers. Nandini says OK. KT embraces her. Nandini says I m going to conceal this, don’t act shrewd, else Juhi will go prison, accompany me and let them know that you are giving separation to KT. She asks are you cheerful, Preeti will disappear from our lives, then, at that point, we can wed. KT grins.

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Nandini requests that the NGO women come. She expresses profound gratitude for coming, I need Preeti to do this infront of you, really Preeti needs to separate from KT, I need her to sign the papers before all of you. Preeti says she is saying right.

She searches for her telephone. She says I need my telephone. Nandini says sign the papers first. Preeti says no, I need my telephone to see Laddoo Gopal’s pic. KT requests that she sign the papers. She says you are anxious to make me out. KT requests that Sushant call Preeti or actually take a look at the tracker. Sneha says its not interfacing. KT asks where did you keep the telephone.
Sneha says its ringing now. Sushant tracks the telephone and gets the cash bag. He says her telephone is in this sack. Shivraj asks whose sack is this. Sushant says I got this sack from Nandini’s vehicle dickey. He asks Nandini was she heading off to some place. Preeti asks what’s my telephone doing in your sack, tell me, open the pack and give the telephone. KT requests the number from the pack. Nandini says its not my sack, I don’t have a clue. KT opens the sack some way or another. They see the cash. Preeti takes her telephone. She says Nandini arranged this against me, she had taken the cash from Juhi and accused her, she was undermining me to sign the legal documents. She says Nandini advised me to separate from KT, for what reason would I leave KT when we have no issues, Nandini has an issue, she has caught KT, she can go to any degree to get him. She demands the women to make her liberated from Nandini. Nandini says stop the rubbish, she is lying, this sack isn’t mine. Preeti plays the recording. Everybody hears Nandini’s words.

Nandini says you recorded this. Preeti says OK, KT instructed this to me, I had this verification. She says for what reason would a lady return following 17 years and remain when her better half has remarried, kindly save my home, else I will lose my tranquility. The woman says relax, we won’t allow wrong to occur with you. She reproves Nandini and allows her two days time to disappear. She requests that Preeti illuminate them assuming Nandini inconveniences her. She chastens KT and requests that he shut down these battles. KT gestures. The NGO women leave. Preeti tears the legal documents and tosses all over. She says you have harmed Juhi today, assuming that you attempt to hurt her once more, I won’t leave you. She reproves Nandini.

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She says quit dreaming about KT, I won’t separate from him, I won’t allow you to grab my legitimate freedoms. She goes to Kushala. She says Lord gave you all that you wished, being working class doesn’t imply that she is a hoodlum, we have values, we don’t have wrong goals, unfortunately you want to change your insight, life is large a direct result of qualities, not by cash, I m pleased with my little girl. She reassures Juhi and embraces. She signs KT.

Wedding Planners Sunday 19th December 2021:KT and Preeti meet in the washroom. She says Nandini can see us. He chuckles and says you have changed the game, Nandini’s arrangement got uncovered. She says she can successfully deliver retribution, we must be cautious, I m going to Arjun’s school to meet the head and get some information about Nandini, we will meet in the grass. He says fine. He thumps on her temple and says best of luck. She says you need to hope for the best, not head. He says assuming I quit seeing you, then, at that point, I can see the wood, you are my rabbit’s foot, chief should tell Nandini’s reality to us, so we make Nandini out of our lives, the very best. She leaves.

Nandini comes to meet the head. He requests that she go. She inquires as to for what reason are you terrified of me. He says I know what you are and what you can do, I have that mystery at the forefront of my thoughts. She says great, you ought not tell that to anybody. She compromises him. Preeti comes. Nandini stows away. Preeti gets some information about Nandini. She says KT doesn’t be aware of Nandini, she has demolished my life and needs to join with KT. She says I really want your assistance, I need to be familiar with her. He says I don’t see this, its your family matter, I would rather not get into this, I m much occupied, you can go. She inquires as to for what reason are you frightened. He requests that she go.

Wedding Planners Sunday 19th December 2021:KT and Preeti meet in the grass. He says Nandini has undermined the head, I think her thought processes are hazardous, we should make her leave. She says no, we need to get her reality front of Arjun, you will get your child, i’m not sure why she needs to wed you following 17 years. Nandini reveals KT’s pic and says you can never comprehend my perilous goals, my arrangements are exceptionally enormous.

Nandini says its my initial move towards vengeance, I need to render a major retribution. Preeti asks what’s this vengeance. Nandini says this time, KT will take his life himself.


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