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Wedding Planners Sunday 26th December 2021:The Episode begins with Nandini getting secured her room. Preeti requests that the band specialists play resoundingly, its Arjun and KT’s Makar Sankranti. Nandini calls for help. She searches for her telephone. She gets the telephone in the water container. Arjun hangs tight for Nandini. KT and Arjun dance. Shivraj gets a call. He requests that Sushant take everybody and come. He goes. Nandini observes the landline wire cut off. Kushala says Sushant, we will leave now. Arjun says mother didn’t as yet come. Preeti says she will come in other vehicle, you go. Nandini yells Arjun. KT says we have puja mahurat, we must be there on schedule. They leave.

Preeti and Kusum open the entryway. FB shows… .Preeti says we had concealed something from you about Nandini. Kusum says relax, I m coming. FB closes… . Preeti requests that Kusum deal with

Nandini. She goes. Kusum says we need to dole out old retributions. She pushes Nandini and closes the entryway. Nandini figures what to do. KT and family arrive at the sanctuary for puja. Kusum watches Nandini. Preeti wishes KT and Arjun. KT says I have my best of luck with me. KT and Arjun sit for the puja. Kushala gets a call. She says KT, media has come, be prepared for the declaration.

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Nandini thinks I need to reach in Kuldevi puja some way, KT needs to bite the dust today. Kusum gets a call. Preeti ask did Nandini inconvenience you. Kusum says no. Preeti says thanks to her. She says until puja closes, deal with her. Kusum disappears from the window. Nandini pours some oil on the floor. The media shows up at the sanctuary. Kusum sees Nandini tumbled down on the ground. She gets down on her. She goes to see her. She sneaks past the oil. Nandini gets up and runs out, locking Kusum inside. KT tends to the media. He says I m exceptionally glad, I need to share my life’s greatest satisfaction, you have heard that my child lives abroad, you were standing by to meet him, meet my child Arjun Tibrewal. Everybody applauds. The woman asks is Arjun yours and Nandini’s child. He says OK. The woman expresses what’s the evidence that he is your child. Preeti says we have confirmation that he is KT’s child. KT says OK, Arjun is my child. Nandini comes and yells lie. KT asks what garbage. She says your life is pulling a prank on you. She says anybody can be Arjun’s father, however not KT. They get stunned.

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Wedding Planners Sunday 26th December 2021:Preeti asks what garbage are you saying, you are demolishing your child’s personality. Nandini asks whose child, Arjun isn’t identified with me, I had embraced him, he is a vagrant, don’t you accept, I realized you will successfully get the beneficiary. KT asks what’s happening with you. She requests that he check the reception papers. Arjun says mother, its an untruth, tell me. Nandini says your life is obviously false, you are a vagrant, you’re not identified with KT. Arjun says our blood bunch is same. She says OK, that is the reason I took on you, its an uncommon blood bunch, you were the most ideal choice for me, kids resemble water, they get any shading we put in, I have shown you KT’s propensities, I m delivering retribution for my Ravi today, I will render retribution for your condemnations KT.

She says KT will turn into a joke before the media today, I have returned following 17 years to demolish you, recollect KT, you reviled me that I won’t ever remain cheerful, the revile turns valid, I have rendered retribution on you by grabbing your greatest joy, your own blood/child isn’t yours, disgrace on your life. KT reviews Arjun and cries.

Wedding Planners Sunday 26th December 2021:Arjun says don’t say this, I m your child. She pushes him and says you’re not my child, I utilized you to separate KT, I don’t mind you live or pass on. Arjun cries. Preeti reviews Nandini’s arrangement. She sees KT. She thinks Nandini needs to debilitate KT so he likewise ends it all like Ravi, however I won’t allow this to occur.

Nandini affronts KT and requests that he give his life assuming he has some disgrace. Preeti yells to KT. Nandini says KT took his life by falling into injury.


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