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Wedding Planners Thursday 13th January 2022: The Episode begins with KT meeting Phurti. He reprimands her for the burglary. Phurti figures Preeti didn’t let him know that I m going to satisfy his fantasy. She asks him not to give information free of charge and quieted down. She asks him do you need the chilled brew. KT says no. She says let me go. He says pay the cash to him or return the brew bottles. She declines. He says you need to give it. She deceives him and flees. He says she is the cutoff. He gets back home. He requests that Preeti have meds.

He enlightens her regarding Phurti. She gets stunned. She thinks to stop Phurti, she needs to go for tests tomorrow. He says everybody will know you now, it will be a pleased second. She requests that he take the honor for her benefit. She says I will be much glad assuming you get it, I m not feeling great, you truly merit this honor. He says fine. She requests that he prepare. She reaches Phurti’s place and prevents her from drinking. She says you have clinical trial tomorrow. Phurti says I know, nobody will know it. Preeti says you won’t ever drink now. Phurti says I need liquor. Preeti cautions her. Phurti contends. Preeti slaps her. She says ask the people who have dread of biting the dust, they have torment of losing their friends and family. She cries.

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Wedding Planners Thursday 13th January 2022: Phurti applauds her. She says you would have gained these lines from KT. She sits to drink. Preeti says KT called you a cheat, I likewise figure you can cheat, you realize you shouldn’t drink, you couldn’t care less, you guaranteed me and presently you would rather not satisfy it, you are demonstrating him right. Phurti says I m not demonstrating him right, he doesn’t know m, I can never swindle anybody, I will discredit him. She requests that Preeti take all the liquor bottles. She gets bottles from each side of the house. Preeti holds her head. Phurti says take this, tell KT that I m not a cheat. Kushala, Sneha and KT get back home with the honor. They like the amazing occasion. Kushala says I will likewise see Preeti once. Preeti returns home and says KT’s vehicle, it implies he has gotten back home, I need to reach there before he gets my untruth. KT and Kushala come and see Preeti resting. Kushala goes. Preeti came from the window and lying on the bed. She acts to awaken. He shows the prize. He says you ought to have been there.

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Wedding Planners Thursday 13th January 2022: Preeti broke the liquor bottles. She thinks I felt bliss when I was with Phurti. She says I attempted to inform KT concerning you, he would rather not know. Phurti says he talks like a saint, you are guiltless, don’t pay attention to him, we can’t confide in men. FB closes. KT requests that Preeti rest now. He gets an envelope. She requests that he actually take a look at subtleties of the proxy mother. He says I needn’t bother with, I would rather not have any familiarity with her, we are the child’s folks. Neil comes to Priyanka. She reprimands him for slapping her. He is sorry to her. She says you slapped me before everybody. He says you need me to make an open acknowledgment. She says sure, everybody would realize that something like this isn’t satisfactory. He asks are you kidding. She requests that he apologize before everybody. Preeti meets Phurti. Phurti eats at the bistro. Preeti says I need the reports to come great. She blacks out down. Phurti gets stunned. She takes Preeti. KT comes there and sees Preeti. He races to her. He pursues the auto. He says Phurti captured Preeti, I will call the police.

KT asks where is Phurti. She asks don’t you converse with one another, I m aiding you. He asks how. She says I m going to acquire your youngster this world, I m the proxy. KT lifts hand. Preeti stops him and says she is saying reality, I picked her as our child’s proxy.


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