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Wedding Planners Thursday 16th December 2021: The episode starts with KT teaching ballroom dances for Preeti. Ishq Hua … plays … they dance and smile. He was injured. He said let me see, wait. He said it was sick. He said you had spraying, I would squirt, wait. He cares about Preeti. He said it was fine, we will practice. He said the great spirit, our dance would be very good so Nandini would burn with jealousy. He asked if we did this dance to show him. He said yes, what else, no, I mean, we have a good tuning and he will be jealous. He asked when this competition would end. He said I did this to get Arjun, then he would leave his mother, Nandini could see that Arjun was happy with us, then he would leave. Preeti says alright.

Nandini dances in her room. He said I won’t leave you, your dram will end, you love me, you will have me on your arm at a dance. KT and Preeti dance. He thought KT lost himself in this fight with Nandini. Priyanka decides her dress. He said I was angry because Neil invited me at the party, it was only a Christmas party. He missed his sister. Juhi came home and looked annoyed. Priyanka asks if you decide what to wear at the party. Juhi said we were all won’t leave. Priyanka asks why, Neil and KT invite us, Preeti will be there. Juhi said we won’t leave. Kusum saw.

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Wedding Planners Thursday 16th December 2021: KT and Arjun Play Carrom. Preeti asked Arjun to see clothes. He said I had the same clothes for both of you, whether you like it. KT said fantastic, we will maintain the same hairstyle, we will look cool. Arjun said I won’t use this. Nandini said he would wear what I got for him. Arjun said thank you, I like it mother. KT asked him to wear his clothes. Arjun said sorry, I like Mum’s choice. KT thinks I have to work hard to get Arjun. Preeti says it’s fine, wear whatever you like, KT won’t feel bad, right. KT said yes. Arjun said thank you, I have a dress for Mum, I’ll show you. He showed the dress and said the mother would look her best. Sneha asks which dress is worn by Preeti. Preeti says no. KT said I had a dress for him, this color fav. Nandini said really, show. KT said he saw it at the party. He asked Preeti to come and see the right dress. They go.

Kusum saw Juhi crying and asking what happened, say, why did you refuse to go to the party. Juhi said that they made me realize that my mother wasn’t mine now. He cries. Preeti asks why you lied, I didn’t wear a dress. KT asked him to calm down. He said I didn’t forget anything, you’re comfortable with Sarees, you look good too, just use a dress on my proverb, I’m your husband, give me this correctly. Preeti says I know why you want me to wear it, because Nandini wore a dress, what is this Kiddish competition. He said no, I want my wife to look the best, I will get a dress that is better than Nandini’s dress. He said I would not wear it. He goes. He said I had ordered it.

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Wedding Planners Thursday 16th December 2021: Preeti came to the room. He saw the dress on the bed. KT getting ready and come. He asked how I was my appearance. Preeti says you are ready, you look fine. He laughed. He said you could praise me, like I praised you. He praised his beauty. He made him wear bangle and said I praised you, if you thought I said it for Nandini, then no, it was from my heart. Ik tara …plays … He said you look good. He said you will learn to praise with time, I will wait for you. He said sorry, I can’t wear this dress. He said I said it in front of everyone, this is your choice to keep my words or not. He goes. He said you burned you when burning Nandini with jealousy, I won’t let you do this, sorry, I’m not Nandini, it’s better if you realize it, I won’t wear it. Kusum and his family came to meet KT. Kusum received a good welcome. KT said Preeti would get ready and come. Preeti needs a saree from the closet and goes to change. Nandini took the dress and wore it. He said I would show the preeti place.


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