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Wedding Planners Thursday 23rd December 2021:The Episode begins with Nandini saying I just had one intention throughout everyday life. KT asks what thought process. Tarun says I m fine. Preeti inquires as to for what reason did you lie to police, they were alarming you, tell me. Tarun figures I fouled up with her, she actually needs to end my concerns. He says all is great. She says I organized a taxi for you, I realize those were the hooligans, not your companions, so I said that I will drop you home, I know I m not close that you can share issues, yet I m your mum, assuming you want any assistance, tell me, I m consistently with you. He leaves.

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KT says let me know what you lost, I will satisfy it, I need to know your thought process. Nandini says you need to know my mystery. He says OK, tell me. She nods off. Preeti comes and signs what. He signs no. Nandini opens eyes and recalls everything. She sees KT spiking

the beverage. She changes the beverage. She sees KT and Preeti making arrangements to trap her. She says goodness, you both made great arrangements, however I m in front of you both. KT drops Nandini to her room. Preeti says we will make a decent arrangement and know her reality. Nandini figures I will execute my vengeance tomorrow itself. Its morning, KT and Preeti counterfeit contend. Nandini looks on. She requests that KT overlook Preeti. She thinks its KT’s last breakfast with everybody. Arjun comes and says I went to get jalebis, I failed to remember the wallet home. Kushala says you ought to have let him know that you are KT’s child. Arjun says no, I told him, however the man disagreed. KT requests that Kushala call a question and answer session, he will report that KT’s child has returned to remain with the family. Preeti sees Nandini grinning. She says likewise give the insight about our marriage. KT contends with her. Kushala requests that Sneha organize a question and answer session. She calls and says its a pixie day for KT, he will present his child, come and cover this for your channel. Nandini figures KT will not be alive to report the news.

Kusum gets back home. She asks where is KT. Preeti asks are you fine,. She thinks sorry to deceive you Kusum. She says KT doesn’t tell me prior to going anyplace. Kusum says its Makar Sankranti tomorrow. Kusum wishes Kushala and gives the shagun. Kushala asks what was the need. She requests that Gopal take the container. Preeti says I will keep it. Kusum says I need to get routine to meet Kushala now. Preeti asks what. Kusum says I was stunned and afterward wonderfully shocked. She informs her concerning Neil and Priyanka. Preeti grins and says you accomplished something useful to prevent Neil from eloping, I will come to request Priyanka’s hand later Nandini’s matter finishes, its my guarantee. Kusum says OK.

Thugs go into Tarun’s home. Thug requests that Tarun sign the papers and part with the house. Rati is stunned. KT comes and punches the thug. He asks how much is your advance. Thug says 30 lakhs. KT composes a check and requests that he take it. He says you don’t come here once more, get lost. Tarun and Rati look on stunned.

Wedding Planners Thursday 23rd December 2021:Tarun expresses gratitude toward KT. KT says thank your mum, not me, she let me know what occurred with you the previous evening, she was unable to rest the entire evening, she sent me to help you, you grabbed this rooftop from her, she is returning it to you today, consider it Tarun. Tarun and KT look on tragically. Preeti converses with KT available for any emergencies and says Nandini called you at the shopping center, keep the telephone associated, the very best. Nandini says I have done shopping, the question and answer session is extraordinary, I need your jodi to look super. KT says you deal with me to such an extent. She records his words. He says I feel choked out when Preeti is with me. She thinks you gave this assertion against Preeti. She says you are pained by Preeti, I will take you some place. She says its demon to off your telephone, else Preeti will call you. He thinks to go with her to know her rationale. She says I guarantee, you will dispose of every one of your concerns, come. They leave. Preeti checks Nandini’s room.

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Wedding Planners Thursday 23rd December 2021:She says she is savvy, how might I know her thought process in retribution. She sees the red wine in the container and says is it that wine which KT provided for Nandini, it implies she didn’t drink wine, she was acting to black out, she realized that we are acting. She comes to her room and sees the camera. She says she eliminated the tape from the camera, it implies she knows our mystery, we were playing a game with her, she is playing a major event with us.

Nandini requests that KT end his life. She pushes him down the structure. Preeti looks on stunned and yells KT ji.


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