Wedding Planners Friday 26th November 2021 Starlife Updated

Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Friday 26th November 2021: to keep your photos, I’ve seen all your movies. KT said you are my fans, that means I have to take care of your choice in marriage. Preeti asked if the fan. KT ask why, what the problem is. He says Arjun will not be born at that time, the film is not easily available. Arjun says is true, she is your big fan, he has all the movies. KT said that I must soon meet him. He joked. He said fine, we’ll go. Preeti said, pleased to meet you. Arjun says I’ll be waiting, Kt Pa. KT and leave preeti.

Arjun says Bu, ten out of ten, that’s right, I’m doing what you taught me. Her mother smiled and said yes, you will get a 7 out of 10. She asked me when I would get 10 out of 10. He said that when you follow my words and made me see your father. He said thank you, it will be the happiest day of my life. She hugged him. KT ask Sheena about lunch. He said it was not for me, it’s preeti, he forgot Tiffin and I ordered food for her. He said the food is not suitable for him. He put his food Tiffin. Sheena said I think you two fight. KT said the bout and care are in places where it stands, preeti and my relationship is not so weak, people should not be upset on the food, give it to preeti, he should know that I have sent it. Shyam said fine. Preeti thanks Shyam. He ate the food.

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He said it looks like a homemade meal. Juhi call him and ask if you’re okay, you had to order food from outside today. Preeti says do not worry, the food is like homemade, whether Kusum eat food. Juhi said no, she did not speak. Preeti says make it have food, our relationship is not weak to tolerate not fight, do not be angry with food. Juhi said yes. He saw Kusum. KT see preeti and think we are different, but our thoughts and our values ​​are the same, you decide to leave Shaadi Mubarak. Arjun saw KT photo and smile. His mother came and said nothing would happen if you join a photo, if KT and I did not get married in three days, then I am waiting for 17 years will be in vain.

She said do not say this, I promise you, I’ll make you married to my father. She hugged him. He wiped tears from her eyes and smiled. Preeti got Khichdi bill and say you ordered Khichdi for me, I eat something else. Sheena says yes, actually, I’m sorry, I have urgent work. He goes. Preeti see KT eat Khichdi and thought she did not like it. FB showed KT said that I would never have Khichdi. He said the food is light, it gives strength to the heart and body. He said the food for the sick, I’ll never have it. Fb ended. He thought it meant he gave me a homemade meal and eat Khichdi which he hated.

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Wedding Planners Friday 26th November 2021: Preeti home. He woke up Kusum and asks if you’re okay. Kusum did not answer. Preeti ask if you are still upset, if you have a meal, say something, I’m talking to you. He asked Kusum to fight him, but did not remain silent. He asked what I should do, KT also behave like this in the office. Kusum said why do you ask me, you do not need to KT and I, you decide for your life. Preeti cried. Kusum said people also have emotions, they also hurt, everyone can not be silent if you wish, KT go now, if he does not speak, you do not like it, you think for him, you insult him, he is also human, he’s not a pillow for punching rage, KT is a good person, you do not remember his kindness, but his mistake, when it’s not his fault, go your way.

Wedding Planners Friday 6th November 2021: Preeti said she lied to me. Kusum said that you do not lie to yourself, drawing your shoulders Sanskari broke, you vent anger on KT, Shoulder dear you do all this, why do you punish him. Preeti said she broke my trust. Kusum asked why he would tell you everything, you just business partners, you say as if you are his girlfriend, it was a misunderstanding, the material out in Sasural you, they have the mindset of a small, son and shoulders,

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