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Wedding Planners Thursday 6th January 2022: The Episode begins with KT doing sit ups and saying ‘sorry’ to Preeti. Preeti goes on the bus station. KT signs I love you to her. She cries. He advances his hand. She holds his hand. She goes to him. He showers blossoms on her. He sings Tujhme rab dikhta hai… . Preeti embraces him. He says I love you Preeti accomplice, I love you. She says I love you too KT ji. They embrace and leave from that point. Ik tara… .plays… They see an embellished vehicle. She peruses simply enamored. She says it was for Dev’s child. KT says OK, I just got this vehicle when I left to track down you, I m piece of your destiny now They leave in the vehicle.

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They return home. KT gives a check to Shivraj. Shivraj and Sushant see 40 crores sum. They grin. Shivraj embraces KT and cries cheerfully. He says you have done right by me, I ought to resign now, my child can keep every one of the obligations now. Sushant says you have accomplished astonishing work. KT expresses profound gratitude, yet this is a direct result of Preeti. Shivraj says you gave us twofold joy, you liberated us from this advance and returned Preeti to us. KT asks where is mother. Shivraj says we told her that you both are meeting up, she is outside with her companions. KT says fine. Kushala converses with her companions. The woman says Mrs. Sharma didn’t welcome you in her bahu’s godh bharai, you might feel awful, your bahu can’t give you KT’s kid. They insult Kushala. Preeti looks on. Kushala says KT and Preeti began holding, I m sure that Preeti loves KT, she will give a beneficiary of the family. She stops Preeti and requests that she meet her companions, let them know that she will give a child to KT. The woman says she would be modest, leave it now, you will before long get a grandson. Her companions leave.

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Wedding Planners Thursday 6th January 2022: Kushala cries and inquires as to for what reason didn’t you say anything, will you give a child to KT, he saw nothing in his life, he just lived for his family, you know the delight of parenthood, I have seen that wish in his eyes, I realize you have less time, naturally you can’t convey a youngster a while later. KT comes and says we don’t need a youngster, I m exceptionally content with my life, I have Preeti and all of you, don’t compress her, Arjun, Juhi and Tarun are our kids, Priyanka and Neil ought to have kids soon. Kushala says you generally observed your bliss in others’ satisfaction, shouldn’t something be said about your own blood, we will go to specialists and talk, you are my bahu, my family, I won’t hurt your wellbeing, the sky is the limit by the clinical science, I will take Preeti to the best specialists, we won’t postpone now. She goes. KT asks Preeti not to take pressure. Kusum comes and embraces Preeti. She says you look excellent, I m happy that you both met up, I have two uplifting news, one best and other great. She says Aastha never concentrated on well, she got confirmation abroad in a major school. KT says well done. Preeti says I m likewise glad. Kusum says I m going with her, I can’t send Aastha alone. They get stunned.

Specialist proposes surrogacy. Kushala says Preeti will be giving the youngster to KT. A woman gives child to KT and takes his pic. He requests that the woman take the child back.


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