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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Tuesday 11th January 2022: The Episode begins with KT saying you recall that young lady, who took the child. She says Phurti doesn’t talk generally. She gets Phurti’s call. Phurti says I found the solution from Guru ji, return home, I will tell you. Preeti says OK. KT says prepare for praising your prosperity. Preeti meets Phurti. Phurti says Guru ji has declined. Preeti says let me converse with her. Phurti says you will take him like Ritu has taken my cash. Preeti says let me meet him once. Phurti takes her and shows the jug instead of icon. She says that is my Guru ji. She grins.

Preeti says I don’t possess energy for jokes, you said you will help me. Phurti requests that she leave. Preeti says pay attention to me once, its your choice, I won’t constrain you, our coins were together, its fine assuming that my fantasy doesn’t finish yet your fantasy will finish, I will assist you with going to London, give me your subtleties, my satisfaction is brief, however you have a long life. Phurti asks truly, will you help me. Preeti says OK, it will be arrangement to help for something consequently, it brings genuine satisfaction when we help somebody benevolently. Phurti asks are you an individual or a holy messenger, Ritu is my room accomplice, she fled with my cash, you are my relative and need to help me. Preeti says get the visa, trust me, I will help you. Phurti gets her identification.

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Preeti says I will call you. Phurti says your integrity made me meet wow. She embraces Preeti. She says shock, I will get your youngster on the planet, I like you, your better half isn’t great, he generally gives Gyaan, let him know that I don’t take his gyaan for nothing. Preeti grins. Phurti requests that what do straightaway, come.

Wedding Planners Tuesday 11th January 2022: Preeti leaves and figures I will bring joy to KT prior to going. She moves. Mai glad vappy kyu… plays… Preeti comes to a café for KT’s amazement. She figures how to persuade KT. KT comes and says I need you all to meet my significant other, old buddy, Preeti, who made my life lovely, she is a performer, she knows the sorcery of transforming everything into enchantment, says thanks to Preeti for picking me as your accomplice, I got all the bliss after she came in my life. He asks will you stroll with me in this excursion of life. He advances his hand. She reviews the specialist’s words. She goes to him and holds his hand. Bolna… .plays… They sit to feast and chuckle. She asks did you orchestrate an author. He asks are you cheerful. She says I will be cheerful when mother’s desire gets satisfied, when you get your own kid. He says I m content with you, I need you, not the child, I needn’t bother with anybody when you are with me. She figures how might I let you know that I m not with you for long. He stops her and asks what occurred, are you fine.

She says I have longed for giving you a youngster, I need to see your satisfaction. He says it very well may be hard to go after a child in this age, you would have endured torment to satisfy family’s assumptions, I would rather not see you in torment. She says we can select surrogacy, I will not be harmed. He says surrogacy process is difficult, it can take time, that individual must be sound. She says OK. He gets a call from home. He gets stunned and says we are coming. He says mother… .

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Wedding Planners Tuesday 11th January 2022: They return home. Shivraj says Kushala swooned down. Neil says she kept a quick. KT inquires as to why. Priyanka says with the goal that Preeti gets pregnant, she is stressing Preeti too. Neil says Kushala needs your youngster soon. Priyanka says its not right to hurt Preeti’s wellbeing, surrogacy will be the most ideal choice. Kushala yells somebody make this young lady shut up. She says surrogacy won’t ever occur, Preeti will bring forth the child herself. Priyanka inquires as to why, what’s the issue to acknowledge current science. Kushala says we won’t discuss it. Priyanka says you are concealing something, there is an integral purpose for this.

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Preeti acts and says I m pregnant. Kushala gets glad. KT says you disdain lies, for what reason did you lie, you are concealing a major truth.


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