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Wedding Planners Tuesday 14th December 2021: The episode begins with preeti Nandini and challenge each other. Nandini ratified. He says you have fallen in love with someone who loves someone else, that’s my challenge, you will know, if I lose, then I will go to Singapore, then you will leave this house. Preeti says you come in between us, you have to go. Preeti see pic and crying. He recalled the words of Nandini. KT came and asked what happened. He saw the rooms were destroyed. He asks who did this. He says let it be. He said it was our wedding photos, if Nandini do this, if I know break something, then I know to join as well, I will join with this, I want you to support me. Adha Ishq … .plays …. He improved picture on the wall again. Preeti smile. He goes. KT said Arjun was growing up, I had no memories of his childhood, as I missed her childhood. Preeti says Arjun is still young, you can create new memories with him. He goes. Arjun spoke to everyone. Preeti said I should say something, why we do not keep the Christmas party for Arjun. Everyone smiled. Preeti said we would get the idea to celebrate the joy with them, we will decorate the house with a red and black theme, it will be the theme of their love. Shivraj say you think well. Neelima says yes, we will celebrate together. Arjun said chocolfle truffle cake is my favorite. Nandini remind KT how she used to bake a cake for her. KT said it a long time, preeti will make the cake this time, he told me he was going to bake a cake for me. Arjun said no, the mother will succeed. KT said we would make them competitive, preeti will make the best cakes, she is the best, my wife. Preeti says fine. He goes.

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Nandini said it was good, we’ll find out on the day of the party, how much kt love. Preeti says yes, your misunderstanding will soon be over, and then you will go. Priyanka teaches Neil and put an end to class. He said I should go to the office. He said I could take you down. He said thank you, but I can arrange it. He said I have a license. He’s telling the truth, people will make the gossip, I do not want it. He asked when you will care for yourself, this is your life, you must decide how you live, thanks to the class. He will ask you to ride with speed, I make speed. He said no, come. They go.

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Wedding Planners Tuesday 14th December 2021: Preeti asks why you create a story, when I say I’m going to make a cake. KT said that you are a super lady, I believe you, you have to make a cake, the flavor and the sauce, it has to be perfect, you create the perfect cake Nandini perfect. He asks whether this is a children’s game. He said casually, I just wanted to Nandini know you better, everyone should know it, you are the best.

He said to make him jealous, we can not live our lives. He says you’re not cheating, you do not know my pain. He cries. Preeti asked him to listen. She said fine, do not bake a cake, I’ll manage, I’ll order it and lie. He asks if you’re going to lie. He said what should be done, if I had a choice, I would not make a joke, you help me or not, I will do this. He says I’m going to make a cake, do not need to lie. He actually asked. She said yes, I’m doing this for your words. He said correctly, fantastic, thank you. He goes.

Wedding Planners Tuesday 14th December 2021: Preeti got a call. Servant said Rati come to meet you. Rati preeti hug and say you look stunning in clothes and expensive jewelry, you deserve this. Preeti asked how tarun. Rati says Tarun in tension, the boss is unsettling, you can help by talking with KT, gave him a job at the company level head KT. Preeti says I can not help, do not expect from me. Rati say but you help Juhi, do it for Tarun well, we do not oppose your marriage. Preeti says do not like it, KT provides jobs to Juhi, I can not speak with KT to ask for help to Tarun, forgive me. Rati says you do injustice to Tarun, you can do anything. Preeti apologize. Leaves constellation. Neelima asked KT What will he aggressively arjun, luxury gifts

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