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Wedding Planners Tuesday 21st December 2021:The Episode begins with KT spiking Nandini’s beverage. He says you filled my heart with joy extraordinary, I thought to commend it with a glass of red wine. She says you recall it. He says OK. Preeti comes and takes the young lady from Nandini’s hand. She smells the wine and hacks. Nandini grins and says let it be, you don’t watch KT’s films, you can’t praise his satisfaction, how would you be able to help your significant other. Preeti says I concede that I don’t watch his films, I don’t drink, I may not help him in delight, yet I will forever uphold him in distress, this is between us now. KT requests that she leave him. Nandini requests that KT drink. They drink.

FB shows KT saying I have an arrangement to cause Nandini to concede the arrangement, I will spike her beverage. Preeti says we need to pick such a method for getting truth out from Nandini.

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Kusum requests that Neil sit and tune in, no compelling reason to run off and wed. Priyanka comes. Kusum says Kushala will likewise soften down on account of adoration, I will manage her, you relax, I trust your affection. Neil and Priyanka grin. Kusum says I will get you both wedded by everybody’s assent and favors, return home at this point. Neil takes her endowments and goes.
Priyanka embraces Kusum and says thanks to her. Kusum says I recognize same love easily like your father, I m prepared for your and Neil’s marriage, Preeti ought to dispose of Nandini first, then, at that point, I will take the union. Priyanka embraces and expresses gratitude toward her.

Nandini becomes inebriated. She says I m inclination drowsy. KT says don’t ruin temperament, I had made numerous arrangements for a lengthy drive. She says I need to go. He says don’t say resoundingly, Preeti will hear and say she will likewise come, we will go to room and talk, I will come later Preeti rests, keep the telephone close by, don’t rest, OK. She grins. He goes to Preeti and says Nandini is completely intoxicated. Preeti says we will proceed to design at our protected house. KT says you have eliminated the CCTV camera, she can’t see us, come. He says I will take Nandini on a lengthy drive and afterward cause her to concede truth, I won’t go now, I will invest energy with you, accomplice. She says leave my hand, we have less time, message her. He prods her and doesn’t give the telephone. They fall on the bed. Ik tara… plays… They see one another and grin. He messages Nandini and goes with her. Preeti likewise stows away in the vehicle.

Wedding Planners Tuesday 21st December 2021:She messages KT that he has come to get reality out. KT answers I came to do that. He says Nandu, when you needed to return to me, I should have not denied. She says I wish you had pardoned you. He says I know, I additionally lament a great deal/

He asks how could you oversee everything alone. Nandini says it was my critical choice to leave you and go, I just got destroyed, I never got any joy, Ravi ended it all. He says he was sincerely impressive, what happened that he ended it all, tell me. She says leave it, I would rather not talk about him, we will discuss us, let you know love me. He requests that driver stop the vehicle. He requests that she see the frozen yogurt parlor, they used to come here and have it. She gestures. They go to have frozen yogurt. Preeti sees Tarun for certain men. She thinks in the event that Nandini sees me, my arrangement will come up short. She stows away.

Preeti gets down the vehicle. KT asks how could you raise Arjun alone. Nandini says I got a unique motivation to live. He asks what reason. She says you. Preeti sees Tarun getting compromised. She calls the police. She says a few hooligans have gotten my child, come soon, his life is in harm’s way. Thug takes steps to kill Tarun. Tarun says let them know that I m attempting to orchestrate cash.

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Wedding Planners Tuesday 21st December 2021:Thug slaps Tarun. Police comes there. Preeti says investigator, those are the thugs. She asks Tarun is he fine. Tarun figures how did mum comprehend that I m in a tough situation when I didn’t tell her anything. He says she is mixed up, they are my companions, she got stressed for me. She asks what are you saying, come clean, don’t get terrified, police is here. Tarun doesn’t says anything, apologies. Controller asks him not to get terrified. Tarun says they are actually my companions. Police leaves. Preeti requests that Tarun come, she will drop him home. She chides the hooligans. The thugs leave.KT requests that Nandini say, how could she went through her time on earth without him. She says I needed to return to you, I just had one rationale in my life. He checks out her.

Nandini requests that KT end his life. He asks what are you saying. Preeti sees the camera concealed in the bloom container and says it implies she knows our mystery. Nandini pushes KT down the structure. Preeti yells and looks on stunned.


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