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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Tuesday 28th December 2021:The Episode begins with KT saying I m with my dearest companion today, I m pleased that you are my companion, you are awesome. Preeti grins. KT embraces her. She cries. He says guarantee me, you will forever uphold me and be my companion. Preeti guarantees. Its morning, Kushala likes the book. Preeti says KT said we can’t have love between us. Kushala says he had lost faith in affection, he doesn’t realize that this fellowship is love, you need to admit your sentiments and cause him to accept love once more. Preeti says I need to let him know my sentiments, I will attempt today.

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Wedding Planners Tuesday 28th December 2021:Kushala says you should tell him, you won him in kinship, you need to win him in adoration, adopt the thought process of a cutting edge lady. Kusum comes and welcomes her. She says I was let Preeti know that we are drawing near at this point. Kushala says its not my awful days yet. She

goes. Preeti requests that Kusum sit. Kusum asks did you tell KT your sentiments. Preeti says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to tell him. Kusum says you plan something. Preeti says even mother was saying… Kusum jokes. They snicker. Preeti asks how would you make my hardships simple, you trained me to represent my regard and upheld me, don’t have a clue how will I help you. Kusum says you are my dearest companion always, BFF. Preeti snickers and says I will converse with mother, and fix Priyanka and Neil’s collusion. They snicker.
Kushala says we need your assistance. The man says we will definitely help Shivraj, we will give him cash and save his standing, I need Neil and Shikha to get hitched, then, at that point, we can see about the cash. She says relax, I will get them hitched, Shikha will turn into Tibrewal’s bahu, its my guarantee to you. He says thanks to her. Preeti composes an adoration letter for KT. Yeh moh ke dhaage… .plays… .

She composes I got everything by getting you. She reviews him. She responds like Kushala. She expresses imagine a scenario where Kushala says as much, how will I respond, how might I express my sentiments. She keeps the letter in a book. She hears the radio station personality requesting that individuals express love through music, and send the affection solicitation to them. Preeti says its a decent method for communicating sentiments. The RJ says you can call us on this number to admit love. Preeti notes down the number. She settles on a decision.

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She hears Kushala getting down on Gopal. She goes to converse with Kushala. Kushala asks pandit to get commitment mahurat at the earliest opportunity. She gets a cerebral pain. Preeti rubs her head and says this will help you to have an improved outlook. She says I need to converse with you, I trust you will comprehend, Neil and Priyanka love one another. Kushala gets stunned. Preeti says I realize you have fixed his coalition, however Neil’s satisfaction is with Priyanka, I know Priyanka, she is a reasonable young lady, she is current like you, Kusum gave her great qualities, will I call her for a discussion. Kushala says enough, stay here. Preeti sits. Kushala says I definitely approve of this partnership, Neil will wed where he needs, I don’t trust in constraining anybody. Preeti asks did you concur. Kushala grins. Preeti embraces her and much appreciated. She says I thought… . Kushala says that I m impolite, I m not downright awful as Kusum might suspect, yet we must be cautious, Neil will finish his MBA and afterward work in our business. Preeti says OK, you are correct. Kushala asks her not to say this to KT. She says I will converse with Sneha, she might think we are getting Neil wedded to a working class young lady. Preeti says I comprehend, relax, this matter will be simply between us. KT gets down on Preeti. Preeti goes to KT. KT requests that she come for a selfie. She inquires as to why. He says its a critical second. He giggles.

She says you are acting unusual today. He says you are acting unusual, you are going office or elsewhere, you didn’t bring your sack, journal… what occurred. She says I neglected. He says its fine, proceed to get your stuff, I will hang tight for you. She says show will begin on the off chance that I go to get the sack. She says we will go, I will work without my pack. He asks truly, you look changed.

Wedding Planners Tuesday 28th December 2021:They are coming. They hear RJ Shruti’s show. Preeti figures the reason why isn’t my melody coming, I will admit love to KT. KT asks would you like to say something. Preeti says no. She thinks you need to comprehend my sentiments by this melody.

Preeti devotes a tune to KT. She sings Tujhmein rab dikhta hai… .. They have an eyelock.


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