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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Tuesday 4th January 2022: The Episode begins with Meera saying I trust my bahu likes this cutting edge assortment. Preeti says I must be there at the scene, else I would have accompanied you, you are conveying adornments worth 5 crores, security is coming, gatekeepers will be here. Meera says my driver is dependable, relax. Preeti says yet I called the gatekeepers. Meera requests that the driver Sanju keep the stuff in the vehicle. Sanju gazes at the gems and takes it. Preeti questions him. She leaves her telephone there.

Sheena and KT are at the setting. KT calls Preeti and requests that she reply. He requests that Sheena call Preeti. Preeti says perhaps madam is occupied, she isn’t replying. He says fine, go. Meera says I will just come. Sanju sees more gems boxes. She figures this current man’s aims doesn’t look great, I can’t confide in him. Meera says I will drop this at Vrinda’s home and come to the scene. Preeti says I will go along, I need to take things from seller. They sit in the vehicle. KT sits tight for Preeti. Sheena thinks that he is miserable. He requests that she proceed to fix blossoms. He asks what’s the self image, I m additionally KT, the hotshot, I won’t call her. Meera, Preeti and Sanju are coming. He asks where will I drop you. She says ahead. He asks once more. She says I will tell you. She thinks on the off chance that this expectation is right on the money, and, after its all said and done I need to get Meera and the adornments.

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KT calls Preeti once more. He says don’t have the foggiest idea what she considers herself, its off-base, how might she do this with Shaadi mubarak, it gave her self confidence, character and objective of life, she ought to have come, what will I tell Dev and Meera, Preeti had a battle with me and didn’t come, what will they consider Shaadi mubarak.

Wedding Planners Tuesday 4th January 2022: He says fine, be it. The vehicle stops. Sanju says perhaps the tire penetrated. He goes to see. He calls the hooligans there. Preeti and Meera stress. Preeti locks the vehicle. Meera gets stunned. Preeti says I had an uncertainty on your driver, I will call Preeti, he will accompany police, I think I left it in the inn. Meera sees her telephone with Sanju. Preeti says relax, I won’t allow anything to happen to you and adornments, its about KT’s notoriety. They all strike at the vehicle window. KT says Shaadi mubarak is getting shut. Sheena asks what. KT says Preeti needs to do it. Sanju takes steps to kill them. Meera says I don’t know driving. Preeti thinks about KT’s words. He shows her the driving. He says in the event that case you want to drive the vehicle, how might you do. She says I will take a cart. He says you can do anything, you don’t say you can’t do it, come on, pursue my purpose. She says fine. She drives. FB closes. Preeti goes in the front seat and drives. She expresses profound gratitude KT ji… Goons follow.

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Neil sees the family stressed. He says you see what you did, we would have been cheerful on the off chance that we disposed of the credit, they are concerned for KT and Preeti’s marriage breaking, everybody would be glad. Priyanka asks would Preeti be content with this, don’t you care for bahu’s bliss, does only child’s joy dealt with in this house. He gets confused. KT calls Kushala and says its everywhere, Preeti left me. He cries. Preeti comes and looks on. KT says no, for what reason will we cry, when Preeti could do without me, Shaadi mubarak and family, for what reason would it be a good idea for us we give it a second thought, she left without pondering us, Nandini left a note prior to going, Preeti recently left, I advised her sorry and requested that she let me know her sentiments, she wasn’t prepared to pay attention to me, she was stone-hearted around then. Preeti looks on and says so you think this with regards to me. KT checks out her. She says you figure I could do without you, our family and Shaadi mubarak, I m coldblooded, right.

Wedding Planners Tuesday 4th January 2022: She says you are stone-hearted, your heart doesn’t thump, my heart beats for family, organization and you, I had acknowledged you by heart. He says you left me, I called you commonly, you didn’t call me, where did you go, respond to me. She asks is there any utilization to clarify you, nothing will change. They contend. He requests that she go, he will deal with everything. She says I will truly go assuming you say this once more. He says go, I will deal with it, you will get harmony. She says fine, I will go from here in the event that you are glad. He says alright, go. Hamari adhuri kahani… .plays… .

Kushala acquaints Preeti with her companions. She says let me know that you will bring father’s bliss to my KT, what occurred. Somebody gives up a child to KT and snaps his pic. KT requests that she take the child back. Preeti looks on.


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