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Wedding Planners Tuesday 7th December 2021: The episode begins with the pandits ask Preeti to light 100 diya at home, each will be bright diya up married life with joy. He said sure. He goes and lights diya. KT come in and say I told you not to touch things, to ask who you’re donating something. He said this puja to live happily married husband and wife, I do it for my future, I correct him. He asked when I give these rights to you. He asks why, you love me, which entitles me to make something that hurts me go, I will make the bitterness Nandini go, so this Nandini KT KT went and I came back to me. He looked at her. He says I’m the same KT, KT Nandini not. He said no, you would not ask for the check, you will not file a case when he checks bounced, tell me. Recalls. Sheena said Nandini checks have bounced. KT said that a criminal act, speak with a lawyer and sue Nandini, do not say Preeti, he would be worried. He goes. FB ends. Preeti Sheena ask why you ask not to tell me, why do you want to burn in the fire, I am close to you, I feel sad to see you like this.

He said there was nothing like that, I’m married, do not nag me, I do not m children, do not you understand, I know that I have filled sindoor in maang, you agree to get married, you have to handle yourself, do not keep hope from me, leave me alone, go away. She cried and left. He saree pallu of diya it catches fire. KT yelling Preeti ji and runs to her. He put off the fire with his hands. His hands were burned. He blows on his hands and cry for help. KT looked at him.

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Sumedh said I would try to return your money. call ends. Juhi asked how we would deal with it if we do not get insurance. Kusum come and say you have help at home, keep this jewelry. Juhi said no to Priyanka, Kajal and this Aastha marriage and future. Kusum asserted. Juhi said no, just give us your blessing, we could not keep it. Sumedh say yes, we’ll manage. ‘

Wedding Planners Tuesday 7th December 2021: Kusum said that was fine, God should give courage, you said Preeti. Juhi said no. Sumedh said he would take the strain if we say, he is in a new family. Kusum says you become reasonable, we do not have to tell him. Shivraj ask Neil to go and get a doctor. Preeti ask KT to obtain lep / ointment applied. Shivraj ask KT to not insist. Preeti apply the lep on KT’s burns. KT looked at him.

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Ik tara … .plays …. He asks why you are doing this. He says I can not see you burn. He cries. Doctors said the strayed, who sent you here, I do not do all this, gone. Priyanka cry. Neil looks on. He says do not judge me please, I’m not doing this with my wishes, she had doubts on my character. He asks why you need to marry him, doubting you, who do not respect you, that is only the beginning, not knowing what he would do. He says I’m helpless, if this marriage break my mother’s heart will be broken, do not say this to Preeti, he would tell her. He said do not worry. He walked to cry.

Priyanka says Amit, I’m not lying, I went to the doctor, the doctor refused to perform the test. Amit says you are a liar. Priyanka said you want to break the alliance, either. Kusum scolds him. Preeti home. He said not fault this Priyanka, Neil told me what Priyanka gets late to tell us, go to your room. Priyanka go. Kusum asked what it is, tell me. Preeti told him. Kusum be surprised.

Wedding Planners Tuesday 7th December 2021:Kusum asked how Priyanka would live a life, what would happen to him. Preeti asked how we could ask him to keep a relationship is wrong all your life, you say it must exist in a relationship, I have taken a big decision and my life changed, Priyanka will get married, do not worry, the relationship must have respect and love, the relationship was forced only hurt us, nothing else. He recalled the words of this KT.

KT tried to put on his shirt and button it. Preeti came and asked would I help you, I can see you need help. He said it did not see, you’ve helped, I’ll handle. She asks him to stand still. her shirt buttons

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