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Wedding Planners On Star Life Tuesday 25th January 2022
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Wedding Planners Wednesday 15th December 2021: The episode begins with Preeti baking. KT come and say you look nice with this chocolate on your face. He cleaned it. They have eyelock. Hum tum … .plays … Nandini saw them together and angry. KT saw Nandini hiding. Preeti got cake. KT holds tightly. Their romance. Preeti says what you do. He said I do not want to miss this opportunity, you know I want to spend quality time with you. He showed Nandini look in the mirror. Preeti think KT came close to me to show Nandini. Nandini go. Preeti says stop drama, Nandini left. He escaped. He got a call from Juhi. Juhi said that you asked me to order luxury cars to Arjun, the problem is he is under 18, reservations will be difficult. KT said that her Christmas gift, the book somehow. Preeti said no, we would not have booked a car, we would not do wrong. He ended the call. He said he was not 18, we are not going to gift the car. KT said I wanted to give her happiness. He said you can give love, values ​​and time, you do not reward car. He argued.

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He said you would tell me how to behave with them, I will do this. He said sorry, but …. He said just leave it. He goes. Nandini show cake. He says you know KT, he would not say even if he likes my cake. Arjun says your hard work will go waste. Nandini said no, I’ll do something else out of this cake, just look. Preeti check the settings of the party. Nandini got the cake. Arjun signed Nandini. Nandini went to Preeti. He collided and drops the cake. Nandini asks what you do, you drop the cake, you are so jealous of me.Arjun says Preeti did this on purpose. Everyone looks at. Preeti ask what you say. He said I had seen it. Preeti said I was busy in the decor, I do not know when Nandini comes, you’re not here. Nandini argued. Arjun says it happened intentionally, there is one thing a mother, you do not let him do anything for me. Neelima asked what all this Preeti, she was crying because of you.

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Wedding Planners Wednesday 15th December 2021: Arjun said I do not want any party, I will not stay where my mother did not get respect, asks Preeti to apologize to the mother. Neelima says yes, Preeti you should apologize. Preeti says I do not have a problem in apologizing, but I did not do anything wrong. Arjun asks you to get me here to get distracted by looking insult mother, I would not stay here. KT said the apology and put an end to this problem. Preeti says I did not do anything. He said people can see the cake fall. She argued with him. He took Arjun with him. Nandini asks Preeti to see KT’s true love. He says you understand immediately. Preeti go and cry in her room. KT Nandini brought him to this room. Nandini said eventually, he realized his mistake, you have to apologize. KT said no, you should apologize to Preeti. Nandini say what rubbish, I know the truth, you make the cake fall. Nandini asked me why I would do this. He says you lie and cheat always, I know you very well, I know Preeti also, he can not think bad for anyone. Nandini said that if you believe your wife, why do you scold him. KT said Arjun was there, if I tell anyone thinks of his mother’s, he should feel bad, I knew the truth, apologize to my wife. Nandini asks really, you think I’m going to apologize to this lady with ease. He said I made a mistake to expect ashamed of you, you are not sensitive, I’m guilty, I yell at you, I should not do that, really sorry Preeti, I do it for Arjun. Preeti says no, fine, I can understand, how this is Arjun stop. He says you can understand, this understanding, I do not get this in any respect, thank you very much. Juhi home. Neelima asks where is the luxury car. Juhi said Preeti says Adjunct 18 years of age, so he refused. Neelima scolds him. She asks him to reserve a car KT name, the car should come, learn to be at the limit of the employee, not gossip with your mother. He goes. J.

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