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Wedding Planners Wednesday 1st December 2021:The episode begins with preeti Blessing Sneha. KT went to see the face preeti. KT’s father confirmed it. Neil recorded. KT see preeti. Ik tara … .plays … uncle said I told you to get a gift for him from the locker. KT away. He’s got a gift. Neil said nothing like this, makes wearing a necklace. KT father stopped Neelima. They saw the necklace. Kusum, Juhi and Priyanka come. KT make preeti wear a necklace. Kusum ask Juhi to meet preeti. Juhi preeti hugging and smiling. Kusum said they wanted to meet each other since the night. Juhi said how are you, I’m fine. Preeti says I’m fine. Juhi said you …. KT said it is good to see you as always. KT father asks preeti to go to his room and with family. Kusum got some gifts for them. Sneha received it. Kusum give gifts to Neelima. Neelima.

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said it was not necessary, preferably gifts when they have standards. Priyanka got a call. Kusum say you are right but Shagun Shagun is, we do not see the standard in it, it makes a strong relationship, I would be pleased if you accept. KT father took it and thanked him for Shagun.
Priyanka went to answer the call. Amit scolded him for answering late. Priyanka surprised to hear talk of cheapness. He said it was not like that. Neil says he is the same person who behaved badly with you, why do you tolerate it, tell me, I know to deal with cheap people like that. She said she was my fiancee, do not say anything. Preeti hug Juhi. Juhi said I really miss you, but I’m happy for you.

Preeti says it all happened so fast, it would take time to understand. Juhi said I got the chance to explain to you when you’re married to Sumedh. He gave the same advice to preeti. He said it was not easy to swear, but keep this beautiful relationship with sincerity. Preeti cried. Juhi said you were my mother, you do not need to be afraid, you are so beautiful, KT is really good, Kusum right, Lord membahasmu this relationship, you deserve this happiness. Preeti hugged him.

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Wedding Planners Wednesday 1st December 2021 :Nandini got a call manager. The manager said you would check today, if you extend your stay. Nandini said yes, I would have checked out after a week, I would go to the KT house, preeti will take me. KT looking preeti. Neil says he went to the office. KT came to the office and meet preeti. He says I’m always on time. He said you could come late today. He said that our personal problems, it should not affect our work. KT said you startled me, after all that happened, I thought you would leave me. She said but I’m here with you. She said yes, no need to go anywhere, whatever Nandini said is not true, he did not know about us. He said what was said Nandini and KT. He told me to say it in a drunken state, I do not menikahmu for revenge, I like you, you know I really respect you. She said I know you are my best friend and support me. Sheena come and say congratulations, I am very glad that you both married.

Wedding Planners Wednesday 1st December 2021 :Sheena asked whether you would proceed as preeti jindal or unhampered tibrewal. They say preeti tibrewal. Sheena say may I ask it immediately, discuss and tell me. KT away. Preeti pray and say I know KT will take the time to see me as a partner. He was surprised to see Nandini. KT said Nandini run with one call. Nandini says you can not live without me. KT argue with him. He said your wedding is held, invoice, you must remove the payment 10 lakh. Nandini said okay. He gave the money. She said sorry, we do not take cash. He said okay, take the card. He said we do not accept credit cards, pay by check. He said you know I do not use a bank of India since 17 years. KT S.

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