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Wedding Planners Wednesday 22nd December 2021:The Episode begins with KT saying its a decent method for communicating love this way on the radio. The RJ says its a proposition from Preeti. KT jokes. He stops the vehicle. He goes to converse with constable. He doesn’t hear his name and the tune. He gets down the vehicle. Preeti attempts to stop her. She gets tragic. He takes selfies with his fans. She says I need to discover another method for clarifying him, however how. Kushala calls Neil. She asks didn’t we do anything for yourself as well as your folks. Neil says Bade Papa and KT did a great deal for me. She says I m happy, how did you help them, tell me. He says I didn’t get a possibility till now, I can forfeit my bliss for them. She says that is excellent, you found the opportunity now. She says you need to leave Priyanka and wed Shikha, we have given a word to Maheshwaris, would you be able to make this penance, I knew it, its difficult, relax. She tells about the enormous advance. She says Maheshwaris are helping us, we need this union with occur, yet we will attempt to discover another way. He says no, I will do what you say, I will wed anybody you say, I can bring my bliss to save your joy. Preeti and KT are in the workplace. She fixes a few notes on the board.

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KT sees himself in the moreor and praises. She thinks he loves himself. He sees the notes. He peruses… I love you a ton, your grin is the way in to my satisfaction. He grins. Preeti looks on. He calls Preeti there. He shows the board. He expresses what’s this, its astounding, I was unable to feel that adoration admission can be so lovely, I didn’t figure this can occur in office. She asks did you like it. He says I preferred it a ton, I m reasoning that my sorcery is still there, my fans do a ton for me, some female fan composed this for myself and sent this arrangement. She says no, I have composed this. He asks what. She says I didn’t get right an ideal opportunity to tell you, I … . Customers come. KT welcomes them. The woman says you tracked down a pleasant method for communicating love, we likewise need such plans in our commitment. KT says obviously, you can go through them. He says you really made it for customers, you suspect as much well, come, I m pleased with you. She figures how might I tell him.

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Wedding Planners Wednesday 22nd December 2021:Neil gets Priyanka’s calls and doesn’t reply. He says sorry, I need to make you extremely upset for my family. She believes is he angry with me, what occurred. Kusum comes and says I was apprehensive for this. Priyanka says my adoration is valid. Kusum says OK, I know, what might be said about his adoration. Priyanka cries. Kusum says I was kidding, sit, Preeti addressed Kushala about the coalition, Kushala concurred, she said she will keep the marriage later Neil finishes studies. She requests that Priyanka prepare, they need to go in a party at Preeti’s home. She says you can meet Neil there. Priyanka grins.

Wedding Planners Wednesday 22nd December 2021:Kushala acclaims Preeti’s thought for the party. Shivraj jokes. Preeti says we will play antakshari. Kushala says your arrangement will work. Sushant sings Lag jaa hurricane… . Everybody closes their ears and giggles. KT requests that they make a group, he is enough alone. Kusum, Juhi and Priyanka come. Neil looks on. Preeti embraces Kusum and Priyanka. Preeti says we will make groups. Preeti thinks to admit love to KT.

Preeti says it’s anything but a tune, however my sentiments. She sings Tujh mein rab dikhta hai… ..plays… She holds KT’s hand.


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