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Wedding Planners Thursday 25th November 2021 :The episode begins with Rati Neelima call and ask how KT, I hope he’s okay, he got insulted in the village in front of everyone, the truth of marriage came out that way, I do not like it, he should run at night. Neelima asks what happened with KT, tell me everything. Rati told him. Neelima angry. Juhi asks Preeti to think about his decision. Preeti says I will not work with KT after the completion of this contract, which is my final decision. Juhi asked what would you do after that.

Preeti says maybe I’ll open a small company, I will not stop working. Neelima come and say you dream big, you have your heart broke KT, the true face you have come out today, it has supported you for your self esteem and make you the owner of a big company, you have been hurt, you want to move out of your way and open his own company, how dare you. Juhi asked what you say. Preeti stop him. Neelima say you want to use KT and then get success, you want to touch the sky, you’ll fall on your face. You have hurt my son and got my hostility, I’m not going to leave you now. He goes. Kusum looks on silently. Juhi said Maa …. signs Preeti I’m fine. She cries and leaves.

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In the office, Preeti and KT collide. They look at each other. Shyam asked would I get you tea at Madam’s cabin. KT said no, my tea should come to my cabin. Preeti asks Sheena to get the file. Sheena say I think there are some problems between them. KT went to his cabin.

Wedding Planners Thursday 25th November 2021 :Preeti recalls. He tears all the chits. Preeti looks on. Ik tara … .plays …. He’s looking for his diary. He saw the diary and remember his words. He said I could work without you, not without my diary. She said I thought you were going to say you can not work without me. He said that when I have my diary, I do not want anything else. He says you can work without me, but I can not think Shaadi Mubarak without you. Fb ended. He’s got a diary and give it to him. She said I know you can work without me, but not without this diary. Sheena called them for a meeting.

Preeti says one of us can go to the meeting. He said we make the rules, we will have the first meeting with clients. He said okay, we can do this for the last project. He said nothing, you can not decide everything alone, we decided we were not going to break up the partnership, you want to break without knowing anything, how do you decide for yourself.

She said I did not forget anything, you decide, you lie, that is my right to decide, you are not telling the truth. He said there would be some reason to conceal the truth, you have lied to me, I can not understand the reason, you do not understand me now, you repeat the mistakes without knowing the truth, do whatever you want. They came to a hotel. A woman looks at them. He walked among them and encourage Preeti go. She splashes her hair on the face and walked past KT.


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KT and Preeti see him. They go. Women greet Keertan, we’ll see. KT ask the manager about the client. He went to the client. He saw a young man. She greets him and says I’m KT, we are a team Shaadi Mubarak, it is Preeti. People say I am AT. KT said the abbreviated name as me, Arjun, what is your family name. Arjun says about it, life would be interesting to curiosity, sitting KT pa. KT ask what you call me. Arjun said KT pa, everyone calls you that here. KT said they called me KT sa.

Wedding Planners Thursday 25th November 2021 :Arjun says my bad, can I call you KT pa. KT said sure, its okay. Preeti ask where your mother. Arjun asks should we forgive someone who was sorry for the mistakes, we should give it another chance. KT said Arjun, I think everyone makes mistakes, if the heart is true, then people should be forgiven, I do not find the right that the strong relationship break by misunderstanding, one must forget about it and make a new beginning. Arjun say outstanding, I want to get my mom and dad got married, so they give you a second chance for one another, I’m happy

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