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Wedding Planners Wednesday 8th December 2021: The episode started with KT said I would call the police. Nandini says he is concerned for you, we have to go and find it, he is your son, I called the police, they will not take action before 24 hours. KT says he’s not my son, I would not go. Preeti says you are going, he’s young, this city was new to him. He says he’s not my son. He said you can go for the sake of humanity, please go and help him, well I’ll go. Nandini think my plan will fail if he comes. Preeti says I will help you in finding Arjun, come.

KT stopped them and said I would go, preeti stubborn. Nandini thank him. He did not let it hold hands. He smiled. They go. Shivraj said Nandini was planning to trap KT. Preeti say I understand Nandini, Arjun suffer in this situation, he is not guilty, if he takes a wrong step in tension, then we will not be able to forgive ourselves. He said the good intentions, I’m afraid that this kindness will weigh heavily on you. He goes.

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Priyanka was crying in her room. Kusum came and said do not cry, it’s not your fault, I’m sorry. Priyanka said do not say this. Kusum says you have forgotten your esteem for the sake of me, I want you to marry for happiness, but to destroy your life, neil good notify preeti, otherwise I would never forgive myself, I am proud of you, I am proud of you, I have filled in values ​​well within you all, you do not need to prove your character into a dirty mind like that, do not make any compromises in front of your self-esteem, how dare dare to break the alliance, we will break the alliance, remove the ring. Kusum threw the ring.

Wedding Planners Wednesday 8th December 2021: Priyanka smiled. Kusum says you must do this, when a husband does not respect his wife, he can not be regarded as a human being, you are saved from Amit, you should be happy, smiling now, you are so beautiful. PRIYANKA hug and think thanks Neil, the biggest problem of my life was saved, I felt my mother was trying to understand me for the first time.

Wedding Planners Monday 6th December 2021 Starlife Updated

KT and Nandini were on the way. They are looking for Arjun. Nandini think you busy finding Arjun, I will be busy enjoying this romantic journey, finally Arjun help me. FB shows Arjun requested Nandini to talk to him. He said I could kill preeti if you say anything. He asked nothing. She said yes, do not talk to me. He told me to run away. He asks where, do not make me go.

He said only acting and then I’ll tell you who is going to meet. He nodded. Fb ended. KT ask when you talk to him last. Nandini said in the morning, he was worried that we were not married, he just wants us to unite, it happens because you adamancy, I hope he’s okay. She cried and rested on his shoulder. He stopped the car.

Preeti hear Neelima talk to the driver. The driver said he was in the park, she insisted on coming here. Neelima go. Juhi get ca degree in grain box. She asks what he’s doing here. Kusum asked if you forget, you are the best CA, joined the work, I say, you can help Sumedh. Juhi says you’re right, I forgot, thank you, I’m very happy. He hugged Kusum.

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Kusum said I do not like hugs, I sa sajamu, leave me. Priyanka hugged Juhi. Preeti went to see. He sees Neelima Arjun hug. He was surprised. Neelima says I need time, no see. Preeti ask how you came here Arjun. Neelima scolded. Preeti ask why you did not tell Nandini about Arjun, KT do not want to go with him. Neelima say I do not think it necessary to answer.

Wedding Planners Wednesday 8th December 2021: Preeti says Nandini able to file cases at KT. Neelima says do not fill my ears, all because of you. Arjun says my mother crying every day because of you, so I ran. Neelima said yes, he would end his life, I met him and stop him, he was the son KT, I can not lose him. Preeti says KT deny to accept as his son Arjun. Neelima says KT angry, I have seen the birth date Arjun, Nandini was pregnant when she left Ou

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