Welcome To Official U.S Green Card Lottery 2022 Registration Open Portal 

Welcome To Official U.S Green Card Lottery 2022
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Welcome To the Official U.S Green Card Lottery 2022 Registration Open Portal 

The Green Card Lottery (Official: Diversity Immigrant Visa Program) Is A U.S Program That Is Randomly Distributing 55,000 So-Called Green Cards Every Year Since 1994.

Foreigners Interested In Immigrating Legally To The United States, Must Submit Their Applications Electronically Starting 3rd September At Noon And Until 30th November 2021!

The Winners Will Be Drawn From Random Selection And There Is No Cost To Register.

[1] Dreaming of a life in the USA? Answer the questions below to Proceed!

Question 1 of 3: Choose Your Age Range?



40-Year-Old, Above


Could like to thank The American Dream very much. After several attempts, it finally worked out. Next year I am going to Atlanta/Georgia! Many thanks, dear American Dream Te

Dear The American Dream Team, thank you very much for your consistently friendly, competent, and courteous advice, at all stages of the process! I won right at the first participation. You and the winner forum are a great support.

I would like to thank The American Dream very much. After several attempts, I was very lucky to be selected for the Green Card. Now begins a new phase in my life. I have dreamed of a life in America since I was a small child. There I want to get to know new people, a new culture, and grow personally. This year I will move to America and start my new life there. Many thanks, dear American Dream

20 years of Green Card Lottery, now “The American Dream” finally worked. Thanks to the great and always committed TAD team in Berlin!

This is the dream of my life come true. With this Green Card, I will be able to start a new life. I thank The American Dream for their precious help through the process. Thanks a lot!!

Dear American Dream Team, although my dream of emigrating to California has faded into the background, participating in the Green Card Lottery has become a small tradition. When it actually worked after 10 years, I just had to take this unique chance, because you never know what the future will bring… Thanks a lot!

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