10 Reasons Why Student Fail Mathematics Examination.

Factors causing Poor Education In Most West African Countries.
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Mathematics has proven to become a complicated subject for so many students, this is of course the definite fault of this students so many had developed a very bad approach to this subject , but for some it is the easiest subject to pass in examination while for it stand as big barrier to their exam success.
10 Reasons Why Student fail mathematics examination.

In examinations such as WAEC, NECO, G.C.E, NABTEB, JAMB, it has been recorded that about 70% of people who sat for this exams in Nigeria failed mathematics in the years far back.
This is because of this student’s wrong approach to this subject.
The 10 reasons why student fail mathematics examination are below:

Wrong attitude:
So many student tend to dislike mathematics because they think it is very complicated but not knowing that is not so, because of that the develop a very wrong approach to mathematics and calculation and you and I know that you can’t understand what you dislike and they even dislike teachers who teach mathematics , the attitude towards make them unable to understand what they are been taught this so many of them fail to attend mathematics classes this,

not knowing that mathematics is one of the easiest subject to pass .
Some student even detest certain carriers because it involves mathematics, if you really want to pass mathematics examination it is clear that you have to develop the best attitude towards mathematics.

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Poor mathematics background:
As as student I had the same poor mathematics background and this made mathematics very difficult for me to understand, because I went to schools without good mathematics teachers, and their method of teaching is very complicating,

Most students find the subject because they have little or no background in mathematics. Building the background of any subject is very important which has to do with the method used to teach during your tender age this involves teaching the basics of mathematics.

Poor intelligent quotient (IQ): 10  Reasons Why Student fail mathematics examination most student have very low I Q this makes the unable to understand mathematics because it is a very technical subjects that does with calculation of numbers, equations and formulas and this makes students unable understand the subject . But it is very easy for students to develop their intelligent quotient by studying consistently and reading very wide.

Inadequate paying of attention to mathematics class:
Most students are very fund of paying less attention in mathematics class because of their hatred towards, the subject , they tend to detest the subject, and develop a very low attention span to it and this makes them unable to solve mathematics.

Method of teaching:
Is quite excruciating that main arsenal to student failing examination is because of the method they were been thought, this is because most teachers teach mathematics difficult way instead of using a more easier and simplified method to teach their student it makes them detest the subject, and it makes them not to understand the course of study,

method of teaching vary among teachers some teachers teach mathematics to be very easy to the student while some of them complicate issues while teachers,
This is because not all that has the knowledge are talented to teach. But because of the lack of good teachers in most of our schools they are as well employed to teach mathematics.

Students/ teachers relationship:
The mode of relationship between students and teachers in Nigeria is very poor because most teachers keep a distancing relationship between them and their student because the fill that they are of higher status more than their students so the neglect the students to have close relationship with them,

some of the teacher fills that the closer they are to their student limits their maximum respect from them.
Even some of the unprofessional teachers tend to put fear into their students mind, intimidating them, and it threatens these students ability to ask questions in class, they are always afraid of harassment from their

This is why it is recorded that most student understand easily from their fellow class mate than from their teachers because of the poor

Students/ teachers relationship:

and it affects their total intellectuality in mathematics, because it is a subject that require close and careful teaching to inculcate the language of calculation of numbers ,equations, and formulas into a student.
Inability of students to understand the language of mathematics:Most of the student is very much unable to understand the language of mathematics.

Understanding the mathematical language .

most people fail in their exams not because they never prepared for their exams but because they were not able to understand the language of the questions given and the solve incorrectly at the end they get disappointed because they always fail their exams.

Rate of studying of textbooks:
Some students don’t even read their good textbooks, they grow very lazy to study their textbooks because of this they fail to build their abilities in mathematics, reading of good textbooks helps student to lean mathematics very well instead of waiting for their teachers to teach them everything the need to know instead of helping themselves.


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Employment of unqualified mathematics teachers:
Most of the problem student encounter in the private schools in Nigeria is the employment of unqualified mathematics teachers because of the inability to pay for the service of the qualified they tend to go for the unqualified ones who barely know what they are doing in mathematics to teach their student because they can pay them off, this teachers teach wrongly and create limitations to solve mathematics,

Some of the teachers hardly train students who hardly pass WAEC.
It is quite excruciating that Nigeria has recorded poor performance in mathematics in JAMB, WAEC, GCE, NECO, NABTEB, examination in 2017 it was recorded that 70% of candidates who registered failed­ and because of this I scheduled this article titled .

 The 10 Reasons Why Student fail mathematics examination.  mated the rate of performance of students in mathematics will continue to be poor .even the most bright ones are seen as genus.



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