13 Tips On How to Stay Awake While Studying at Night

13 Tips On How to Stay Awake While Studying at Night
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It is an easy thing to read long in the day but reading in the night is very difficult to do but the night is the best time to study because by that time everywhere is very calm.  How to Stay Awake While Studying at Night Reading at night is one of the major keys that helped during the time I sat for my o’ level examination.

At that time I realized that the best reading hour is to understand what you are to study. is at night though it wasn’t easy for me that is why I  embarked on this article 13 Tips On How to Stay Awake While Studying at Night, to show the young students the tips I used to stay at night that worked for me.

You are preparing W . A .E. C N. E. C. O. JAMB, G C. E N. A. B. T .E. B here are tips to help you prepare well.

One of the biggest mistakes people who try to study at night make is that they always like lie down on the bed.

The forgot laying on the bed is a sleeping position which the body knows very well and once you lie on the bird you are likely going to sleep off weather you like it or not the point Is that once you relax at night the next thing you are calling upon sleep.

And you need to stay awake to read.

The best way to position yourself for night reading is sitting, you don’t have to relax on the chair because the moment you sleep on the chair you will definitely sleep off.

Sit smartly like someone who is so serious about what he or she is doing.


  • Stay away from your room where you sleep:

on  How to Stay Awake While Studying at Night The best you can do for yourself so that you can be able to stay awake at night to read is to stay away from that particular room that your bed is in.

Because once you are near your bed, it is a psychological attraction it will draw you to your bed and you will sleep off while you’ve not read anything.

It happened to me several times until I moved my night reading to our boy’s quarter then I was able to read for long without sleeping.


  • Make use of soft drinks to cool your brain:

Soft drinks were what I used whenever I  am to read at night I will go and buy coke and straw that I will sip little and little until I have read enough.

It makes the reading last once my body is receiving a soft drink sleep vanishes from me so I learned that.

You can apply that it worked for me it can also work for you.


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  • Do not overstress yourself during the day:

One the biggest problem student encounter that makes not to stay awake at night to read is that most time parents are very fund of overstressing their children with house chores during the day and when it reaches night they will be very tired and the next6 thing they can do is to sleep.

Because no matter how strong you think you are once are over-stressed during the day the only thing you can do at night is sleep because the best medicine to fatigue is rest and the best way to rest is sleep.


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  • Do not make use of dim or colored light to read at night:

You are a student you want to read and your bulb is shining blue or yellow and you want to make use of it you won’t kill your eyes.

The best reading bulb at night is the white bulb, this because when you use colored the rays blue cut rays that come out of them are much and they are so much irritating to the eyes and the moment you sit under them to read, there is a 100% tendency that you will sleep very fast.


  • Remove your mind from thinking:

Night hours are time people normally meditate on their past and plan their future but as a student who is preparing for the examination, you don’t have to think anything all your focus should be on how to read and understand what you will write to make your papers complete.

Because if you think anything else you will lose your focus, and some flashback might make you tired and you will sleep off.


  • Read interesting books at night:

The books you choose to read at night defines how long you will read,

Be motivated to pick calculation courses or interesting novels.

Because when you pick a calculation cause to solve it will keep your body and brain very busy there won’t be time for you to relax.

Also if you take interesting and adventurous novels you will like to read them to the end and that will keep you focused for long and you cover a vast range of the book.


  • Make sure you slept in the afternoon:

You are a student who wants to study long at night, after reading this post How to Stay Awake While Studying at Night takes the afternoon semester and at night sleep will be from you. Then you can achieve your goal of reading at night.

Reading at night is very wonderful to prepare for your Jamb WAEC, NECO GCE, NABTEB, and any other important exams even international examination.

You are sitting for one. Hold on to this tip and you will see that the sky will be your starting point and not your limit.

Information’s here is highly verified confirmed, effective and true to use and will always give you excellence and make you laugh at last.


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