A Magical Love Story Saturday 2nd October 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Story Saturday 2nd October 2021 Roshni and the family got tense to see Lal Markab insects crawling towards them. Daadi throws the book Ilme Jin in front of the insect and walks away. Roshni thank you safely and asked where Lal Markab went. Rehan said back to the person who sent them here. Natasha sent her bird to spy on Junaid Manzil and Lal Markab to endanger Arman, but they returned and attacked him.

Bird reaches Junaid Manzil and a burst. Sarah asked why Natasha’s bird exploded. Shayari told Natasha had sent Lal Markab and they killed him, so even the bird was destroyed; He is Jin as a Tabeezi warning that only Jin can endanger the argument. Rehan said he was the enemy of Natasha, but why did he attack Arman instead of him. Shayari and his argument began. Roshni asked them to stop their battles when he was worried about safety.

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Shayari said it was safe to be recalled from the mirror if they threw ilme JNN again. Rehan throws a book to the mirror, but falls back. Roshni said they had to use their original mirror. On the other hand, Tabreezi holds a mirror in his hands shrinking him thinking even safely must die with Roshni.


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A Magical Love Story Saturday 2nd October 2021 Roshni with Shayari and Rehan reached the library and looked for a mirror, but found 2 mirrors and realized the Tabreezi trick. He tried to throw a book, but failed. Worried to be safe, he walked to Tabreezi and faced him that he was embarrassed to call himself as Tabeezi’s nephew, how he could endanger the family.

A Magical Love Story Saturday 2nd October 2021 Tabreezi said it was ignorant to think about it as a family member. Their argument began, Tabreezi challenged that he would kill Roshni on the night of the Golden Sun and return the heart of his angel. Roshni answered and said he did not consider it a family again and was his enemy now, he would kill him on the night of Golden Sun and safely free. As soon as he left, Tabreezi thought he would kill Roshni and safe.

Precap: Tabreezi gets tense looking at Ilme Jin Roshni standing in front of the grave.




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