A Magical Love Story Sunday 5th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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This, post A Magical Love Story Saturday 5th September 2021 The episode starts with Shayari who says there are only 5 minutes left. Safe and Roshni are in the tunnel. Everyone saw the storm coming. Jin stepped on the ground and created an earthquake. Roshni is jammed.

He asked for safe to leave. Safely say I won’t leave without taking you. They come out. Everything is alright. Roshni asked how it happened. Rehan said Shayari wanted to close you two in the tunnel forever, he was Jin Shikari. Shayari said no, it’s not like that. Tabreezi shows kaala jin outside. Roshni said maybe he came to take our child, what we would do now.

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Safely out and call Jin. Kaala Jin came. Roshni asks for safe not to take steps in anger, enter, love with us. Kaala Jin said you didn’t keep the promise and then called me, what plans you want to make now. Safe said there are no tricks. He begged Kaala Jin. He said just leave my family and leave.

Kaala Jinn said the king jinnat begged. Safely said I’m not a king, but a father, please spend our family, unfortunately we, go from our lives, please.

Kaala Jinn said Jinn never made a one-way transaction, you must give me something back. Safely said my father made the deal, he promised you, I would fulfill it, I would come with you. Roshni said no, take me with you.

Safe said don’t listen to him, I’m ready to come, my father promised. Roshni said no, put him down. Kaala Jinn said if I said I didn’t want you, why took it, when I got both in your child. Safely say no, I’m ready to come, let go of my child. Roshni said it was our mistake, please.

Kaala Jinn said alright, if you both begged so much, but dealing is not one way, I will set it aside, you have to do my job, you have to find the name Asliku, Kaala Jin is not my name.

It’s safe to ask that. Kaala Jinn says it’s not easy, you will have three lights, if you pass obstacles, then you will know my name, you will face three dangers, can you do it. Safely say yes, we are ready. Kaala Jin asked him to be ready to face the first challenge. She disappeares.

The first lamp comes out of the ground, crawling. Dadi asks what you are doing, safe. Safe said I had no other way. Everyone agrees with him. Shayari said Kaala Jin would try not to let us pass the challenge. Roshni said we had to forward it.

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It’s safe saying we have to wait for the lights. Fupi guessed Kaala Jinn’s name. Dadi said we could not guess it. Shayari said I could try to find his name with research. Rehan argues. He said I knew someone who could help me.

Tabreezi said I would also try to find out about the book. Roshni said, wait, we don’t know the challenges and dangers, we will give you a lot of love to the baby, we have to do a baby naming ceremony, we will do it today. Safe and everyone is happy. BUM BUM BOLE … PLAYS ….

Everyone smiled happily and dancing. Dadi asked safely to tell the baby’s name. Safe and Roshni said the army … Roshni said the army means dreaming with an open eye.

Safely said his life will also be like a dream. Open door. Safely ask Roshni to return. He called Baazigar.

The lights come there. They were surprised. Dadi said the lights mean danger. Safely ask what we will do now. Roshni said we had to hurry. Shayari said I would go and find out the name Kaala Jinn. Rehan said he helped, but we to others, I didn’t believe him, I’ll go with him.

Shayari says I don’t need you. Roshni said we would feel you were safe if she was with you, join. Rehan asks Shayari to come. Shayari asked him to follow him.

They go. Dadi says the big danger will come, what we will do. Tabreezi says we have to see what’s inside the lights. Safe say we will open it and see. Safe to go and take the lights. He rubbed the lights and said it wasn’t open. He called Baazigar and did magic to open the lights.

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