A Magical Love Sunday 19th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Saturday 10th October 2021
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A Magical Love Sunday 19th September 2021 Roshni told him safely to let Shola Jingo as his wealth s his baby and they had to let him ransack his baby. He said he would talk to Shola Jinn and ask where the baby was. He walked to Shola Jinn said he knew his wealth was his baby, where it was.

Shola Jinn digs the ground. Roshni realized the baby was on the ground and with magic trying to dig the ground but was attacked by poisonous smoke. Tabreezi stands tense. Safely helped Roshni, and they both got Shola Jinn’s baby.

Shola Jin was happy to see her baby. Roshni collapsed. Safely rushed to him and asked Tabeezi what happened to Roshni. Tabreezi walked away said he would find out, he thought he would not let this story end up like this and would end it as he wanted. Safely located Roshni in bed and rubbing his hands. Daadi said they had to make heat around Roshni. Shola Jinn created heat. Daadi thank you Shola Jin and say they need more heat. Safely creates heat with magic.

Jin Taara led Reta and Shayari returned home. Shayari said that meant Jinn’s sword king was in the house itself. They saw Tabreezi walking out of the house followed by Natasha and thought Natasha stole the sword. They followed him. He walked to the market and escaped, leaving Rehaan and Shayari argue with each other.

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Roshni wakes up and asks Shola Jin if the baby is fine. He told the baby that it was brave and lucky to have Shola Jin as a mother. Shola Jinn changed Sara, Saima, and Phupi returned to humans from eggs. Roshni, safe, and Daadi rejoice and thank you Shola Jinn. Shola Jinn with her baby fly. Tabreezi stole Roshni’s magical clip and applying poison in it to shoot at Shola Jinn. Shola Jin and her baby fell hurt. Tabreezi then called 3 Ayana’s and begged them to help him save Shola Jin and his baby when Roshni tried to kill them with his magic clip.

Someone Ayana said Shola Jin was injured by Jin’s poison on the clip. Tabrizi said Roshni’s husband was safe to apply Jin’s poison. Ayana was convinced and said she would not support Roshni angels from here and walk away with roses. Ayaan who is younger and younger said they still trust Roshni and it was definitely Tabeezi’s trick to get back Angel’s heart. Tabreezi asks them to test Roshni until the night of gold and see if he is really evil or not.

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They both agreed. Back at home, Roshni felt a severe stomach ache. Daadi said it was definitely because of poisoned smoke and asked him to rest. Roshni’s condition worsened and he realized that Shola Jin was in danger. Daadi calmed him by saying he was good Ayana and always thought good for everyone, so nothing bad would happen to him.

Roheness and Shayari then saw Natasha meet a woman and heard their conversation. Tabreezi met Natasha and asked her to force Roshni to do something wrong so she could lose her angel.

Precap: Safe to see Tabeezi and Natasha together.


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