A Touch Love Monday 13th December 2021

A Touch Of Love On GlowTv Monday 10th January 2022
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A Touch Love Monday 13th December 2021: The Episode starts with Vasundara getting a call on Dhruv’s phone. The man asks Dhruv to send his team. She gets to know about a raid happening at some hotel. She says fate does not want this marriage to happen, so it gave me way to break this marriage, now lets see how this marriage breaks on its own. Vasundara asks Kiran is Dhruv ready for haldi. Kiran says yes, he got ready, he can’t stay without Thapki. Vasundara says they should not meet or talk on phone till marriage, its not auspicious. Kiran says I will see.

Vasundara acts and talks on phone to make Thapki hear. She says you are Dhruv’s mama, I can’t send Thapki to meet you at hotel, you come to our house to meet her, I request you not to go back, why is he so annoyed, Dhruv will be sad knowing this, how can I send Thapki there at this time. Thapki hears this and falls in her plan. Thapki goes to Dhruv to talk to him and Kiran stops her. Thapki thinks she will meet Mama ji at hotel and bring him here, but whom to take now, everyone is busy here, they all will refuse if I ask them, hotel is nearby, I will go alone. She leaves. Vasundara says sorry Thapki to send you at wrong place, I m helpless, I can’t let you come in Dhruv’s life, I just love my son, no one else.

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A Touch Love Monday 13th December 2021: Suman and Preeti talk in kitchen. They have a talk about leaving the insect in Vasundara’s room. Dadi hears this and says it means it was their plan, I have to find out, I will make them fight and know the truth. Paan catches the chemist. Bihaan asks him to give the names of spirit bottle buyers. The chemist says he will give him the list. Bihaan says I want it today. Aditi tells Poonam that its exciting haldi, as Thapki and Dhruv can’t meet. Thapki reaches the hotel. Dadi says she has got this ipad and its just one, but whom will she give it, to Suman or Preeti.

A Touch Love Monday 13th December 2021: Suman and Preeti start arguing. Dadi smiles and asks them to decide first, then she will give them. Vasundara is worried and thinks where will be Thapki now. Thapki goes to the hotel and looks for Mama ji’s room. Thapki comes to the room and sees some men with few girls. The police comes there and raids for the illegal racket in the hotel. Vasundara says the news will come here, then I will call everyone to see Thapki’s new side which I want to show them. The man says I like this girl and holds Thapki’s hand. Thapki says leave me. The man misbehaves with Thapki and she cries. The police comes there with media and stop the racket. They arrest Thapki too. Suman and Preeti tease Dhruv. Preeti shows the haldi items. He smiles. The inspector says this is media. Thapki says I have press Id card in my bag, but she left the bag at home. She cries.

Dhruv and everyone see the news on tv. They get shocked seeing the news. Vasundara wishes Thapki’s face is shown so that her work is done.


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