A Touch Of Love On Glow Tv Thursday 14th April 2022 update

A touch Of Love On Glow Tv Thursday 14th April 2022 update
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Touch Of Love On Glow Tv Thursday 14th April 2022 update: The Episode begins with Thapki carrying Bihaan to the lake and informing him regarding the manner. She wishes that they bring in cash through hard work and they don’t move away from the family. She says the two families ought to be content all the time. He asks are you done. She says I requested my family, the manner is for me. Bihaan wishes Thapki stays blissful consistently. They toss the coins in the lake. Her coin sinks and says my man didn’t get satisfied. She appeals to Lord for her manner and closes her eyes. Bihaan bounces in the lake. She searches for him. She yells at Bihaan, what are you doing and stresses. She figures out what to do now…. She yells Bihaan… .and begins crying.

Bihaan emerges with the coin. He requests that Thapki take the coin. She asks are you frantic to go inside the water. He says sit back and relax, I know swimming. She inquires as to for what reason did you go inside the water. He says for you, you said mannat will be satisfied assuming coin comes up, see it’s here. He requests that she take the coin. She inquires as to for what reason did you do this for me. He says I didn’t do this for you. You took my family name in manner, so I went. She takes the coin and goes. He says what’s happening to me, I realize I did terrible with Thapki and lament as well, yet I m dumb to bounce in water for her.

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Shraddha cuts the bed and says now nobody can prevent Dhruv from coming near me. Dhruv comes and rests. Shraddha rests and falls over Dhruv. Preeti and Ashwin come there and see Dhruv and Shraddha fallen by the wrecked bed. Preeti calls them devious and prods them. Dhruv says we are fine, bed broke. Shraddha grins. She thinks Dhruv and I came nibbled close, we will come close with time soon.

Bihaan actually looks at the cash and says this will be complete tomorrow, I want to get more cash to run home and give lease. Debie’s card falls and he reviews her. He calls Debie and says I need to meet you. He sees Thapki dozing and goes. Thapki awakens and doesn’t see Bihaan. She figures out where did Bihaan go, and searches for him. She ponders where might he at any point go around the evening time and calls him. She gets his number turned off and sees the entryway lock open. She goes out to track down Bihaan.

Diwakar’s mum comes to Aditi’s space to accomplish some work. She discharges a few bundles under the pad and says now Aditi rest on this bed and see what occurs. She goes. Aditi comes there and dozes on the bed.

Touch Of Love On Glow Tv Thursday 14th April 2022 update: Bihaan hangs tight for Debie. Debie comes to meet him. Debie says I let you know destiny and circumstance can change whenever, what was the rush for cash. He says I need cash, at any rate, I can do anything, yet not off-base. She says it’s not off-base, however intense and hazardous, when you go on this way, you can’t return. He says I didn’t come to return, I concur.

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Thapki searches for Bihaan and a man tells her that Bihaan has gone on to that side path. She expresses gratitude toward him and says I will take a brief trip and see. He asks will I drop you. She says no, I will go all alone. Bihaan goes to battle boxing. The man names Bihaan as Badshah and resistance Chakka, and reports their battle.

Touch Of Love On Glow Tv Thursday 14th April 2022 update: The man asks Debie could Badshah at any point battle well, it’s his first road battle. Debie says a defenseless man can do anything, his weakness will make him win. Bihaan gets punched all over. Thapki comes that way. She sees the group. Bihaan sees the blood and flies off the handle. Thapki gets down on Bihaan…. Bihaan holds that man’s hand and turns indignantly. He punches that man’s face. The man tumbles down. Thapki searches for him.

Bihaan asks Debie for 10000rs. Debie says you will get cash, yet this is the agreement, assuming you bite the dust during the battle, we will not be capable.


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