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A Touch Of Love Teasers December 2021 Glow Tv Updated

A Touch Of Love On GlowTv Monday 10th January 2022
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A TOuch Of Love Teasers December 2021

Table Of Contents

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Dhruv Thapki assured that nothing will happen if they get married. A small lantern led to a fireand preeti terms that are not favorable. Thapki went to the hotel to meet uncle Dhruv.

However, the police reached the hotel to get people involved in prostitution racket

Thursday 2 December 2021.

him about the phone call but Bihaan rescued from Dhruv question. Then, Vasundhara ask Bihaan to break Thapki engagement with Dhruv.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Vasundhara emotionally blackmail Bihaan to help abuse engagement. Bihaan finally burst and ready to do anything.
Bihaan achieve Thapki house along with some goons to threaten them. Vasundhara ask Bihaan to choose who will he support.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Thapki realize that Bihaan want to stop the marriage with Dhruv and tell it to Aditi. Then, when the ‘Baraat’ Dhruv reach home Thapki, Vasundhara seems very happy about it.
When the ‘Baraat’ reach Thapki home, a woman told everyone that Dhruv is her husband. Bihaan Thapki question why he did not want her to marry Dhruv, the response was heard by both families.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Balvinder Bihaan slap on the response and asked him to leave the marriage. Dhruv Thapki promising that he would never leave. Bihaan stop Vasundhara for burning ‘mandap’ and then he cut off his hand. Then, Bihaan reached our room and tried to stop Dhruv Dhruv go.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Vasundhara surprised to see Dhruv are not recognized and suggest Bihaan must marry Thapki. Unable to convince Bihaan to agree, Vasundhara emotionally blackmail Bihaan.
Bihaan agreed to marry Thapki. Dhruv regains consciousness and attempts to reach the ‘mandap’. Will he?

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Vasundhara ask Bihaan to remove ‘Sehra’ her but Thapki fainted and was taken to another room. Meanwhile, Dhruv achieve ‘mandap’ and Bihaan told him that he made a mistake.
Dhruv destroyed when Bihaan take Thapki from Him but to hide it from Thapki because he was afraid of troublesome consequences.

Friday December 10 2021

Dhruv indirectly make Bihaan do all the post-wedding rituals with Thapki. Vasundhara falsify Bihaan, who feels guilty. Thapki not aware of the fact that she was married to Bihaan and behave like a bride Dhruv. He was asked to cook ‘Puris’, the dough which had been destroyed by Badki and Chutki.
Monday December 13 2021
Thapki impress everyone by preparing delicious meals for the family. Dhruv dealing with it by explaining he was married to Bihaan and not him. Thapki seek the blessing of the elders and decided to leave the house, wash vermillion on her forehead.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Thapki reached home and saw Diwakar mocking her family. Bihaan told her that she would do anything Vasundhara who asked him to do so.
Preeti told Suman that parents Thapki Sh

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