An Unusual tale Thursday 16th September 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Monday 13th September 2021 Update
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IN this blog post on An Unusual tale Thursday 16th September 2021 Update Naani told Vikram, he was used to the same loneliness in his eyes when he was little, despite all his efforts to make him smile. Vikram said he was fine, Maani said whether he left the children or they left him and said all this could be his but he left them, only for them.

Vikram said he was fine, Maani said why he couldn’t see it, Maani told him to cry and release tears and tell him to be strong and continued. Vikram said he did not lose anything or he wanted to continue because now his love for Shobha was deeper, he said love was about happiness and freedom, he gave Shobha freedom, he was happy and so did he get his strength from Love Shobha. Naani hugged Vikram.

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Shobha was getting ready, Samarth tried to start a conversation with him, Shobha said he had to go to work, Samarth asked him to wait for 2 minutes and said since he came, he had apologized but never thank him, and now he thank you for taking care Everyone with his absence and sorry spoke harshly to him in prison and said he had to quit his job and spend more time at home with children and family and he would take the front of work, Mother Sharada listened to this. Samarth got a call, he came out.

Sharada Maa told Shobha that he agreed with Samarth and he had to quit his job, only then Samarth would have a sense of responsibility and encouragement to do something for the family and would be confident and motivated to work, that Shobha took it to work because they needed it, but Now it doesn’t need work and tell him to take the time and think about it. Shobha walked out without saying anything, leaving Saharada’s mother who was wise and confused.

Vineeta gladly chatted with his friends, raku out to the living room, Vineeta’s friends talked friends and told him to rake and shower more attention to him, Vineeta watched all these orders to make chicken sandwiches for them, raku said He would love to make, Vineeta’s friends offered to help him, Saurav came and sort of mocking Vineeta because not many of his friends appeared. And ask about rakes, who returned with sandwiches.

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Saurabh gave his Gyanec number told him one of his colleagues recommended it and he was the best, Vineeta made a face, Saurabh eagerly said he only counted days for the baby to come, even though his baby was his niece, he would love him like a son and spoil him And pampering it, Saurabh told Vineeta to bring a raku to the doctor the next day, Vineeta replied how he could, he had to go see the property in Gurgaon, Saurabh told him to cancel and take a rake because there was nothing more important for them than rakan. Vineeta felt insulted in front of his friends.

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Sarika brought tea for Shobha and sweet talks with her and sympathized during long working hours when she did nothing, who said she really enjoyed and loved her job, Saarika once again praised him and added that now he will return he will Caring for the front of the job and he can sit and relax as in the past, Shobha looked at him, Saarika said he did not need to leave him if he didn’t even want to even if people talked about it, Shobha investigated it, Saarika in the bits and pieces revealed that the people of the people talked about Vikram and alleged His affair and Vikram promoted it because he fell in love with Shobha.

Shobha said nothing, which made Saarika added her feel bad for Regaju and Jiyu as how they would react if they had this gossip. Sarika left there and hoped Shobha quit her job and also left Vikram. Shobha also thought that he had to quit his job and it was the only best decision for everyone.

Shobha walked to his office, Vikram came out and said Shobha was hiding things, Shobha was confused, Vikram praised Shobha who was fearless and dedicated the nature of


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