Anupama On Starlife Monday 2nd May 2022 update

Anupama On Starlife Monday 2nd May 2022 update
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Anupama On Starlife Monday 2nd May 2022 update: The Episode begins with Paritosh saying you are being childish, your inner self is demon than my bliss, I will pass on, you can’t pass on your self-importance to save your child’s life, what sort of father are you. Anupama stops Paritosh and says I will slap you two times, I can’t hear my significant other’s affront and can’t see my child’s rowdiness, you’re not senior than your father, your father loves you a ton, I will get you hitched to Kinjal yet not by losing my better half’s regard.

Vanraj says no utilization to make sense of such a child who has left his father in a second. Paritosh gets out whatever’s the utilization of such guardians, your self image is everything for you, you offended Rakhi, I didn’t realize you will request that I fail to remember Kinjal, you have grabbed my bliss, your affection is an obligation for me, I need to pay EMI generally, I lost my adoration and I will lose my life now. They get stunned.

Samar requests that he stop it, he is saying incorrectly. Paritosh asks will you give me information, move away. He yells all of you grabbed my Kinjal, you don’t cherish me, you simply imagine it, I can’t imagine, I can’t remain with you all under a similar rooftop, I need to take off from this house. They get stunned. Vanraj inquires as to for what reason are you pausing, the entryway is open, get out. He blows up. He yells I expressed get out.

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Anupama On Starlife Monday 2nd May 2022 update: Baa cries. Paritosh says fine. Anupama holds Vanraj and Paritosh’s hands. The two of them move away. She cries and requests that Vanraj stop him. Samar requests that Paritosh quiet down. Paritosh gathers the pack. Samar says you are father’s pride, he will separate on the off chance that you leave, beat me, however I don’t release you, if it’s not too much trouble, pay attention to me, I won’t release you. He embraces Paritosh. Paritosh says move away, none can stop me, fare thee well. Samar cries.

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Anupama stops Paritosh. Vanraj yells Paritosh. Samar vents outrage in the room. Vanraj says your telephone… Paritosh says its additionally broken like this house relations, its futile. Anupama requests that he tune in. Vanraj stops Anupama. He says in the event that you venture out as mum, don’t return as spouse. She sits crying at the entryway. Paritosh goes. Anupama… .plays…

Baa cries. Samar asks Vanraj not to reprimand him, their contact shouldn’t break. He rushes to give Paritosh his telephone. Paritosh says I will tell sorry to Kinjal’s folks and fix everything, my self image isn’t greater than my adoration, I love her a ton. Samar says you are disappearing from home, don’t disappear from hearts, you are disturbed, it works out, you can’t break relations, mum and father might have committed error, yet truth won’t change that they ponder us. Paritosh says no good reason for belligerence, I will return in the wake of wedding Kinjal, don’t tell this at home.

Anupama On Starlife Monday 2nd May 2022 update: Samar says elderly folks don’t look great doing botch, can you live without family. Mother ji consoles Baa. Baa says this happened due to Anupama. Mom says Anupama’s family likewise broke, basically consider Vanra and quiet down. Vanraj sits miserable. He cries. Anupama sees him. Vanraj holds her. He takes her inside the house. Nandini sees Samar and thinks about his loved ones. She trusts everything gets fine in their loved ones. Samar returns home. Anupama and Vanraj check the entryway out. Samar says I have given the telephone. Anupama asks where did he go. Samar says when he calls, I will ask him and tell you. Pakhi comes from school and sees them. Samar takes her. Anpama envisions Vanraj and Paritosh’s second and grins. She sees him miserable and cries. He additionally envisions Paritosh with Anupama and grins. He then cries. She says don’t have the foggiest idea where did he go.

Vanraj says Paritosh has broken my pride, he was my pride. Auditor shows Paritosh’s wallet. He says a mishap occurred, we got this wallet with the dead body. Anupama yells. Everybody is stunned.


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