Bridal material on zee world Saturday 2nd July 2022

Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022
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Bridal material on zee world Saturday 2nd July 2022: Gurumaa assaults dayan Tulika with trishul and strolls towards Meera and Dolly when Tulika expands her dayani hair and pulls her up on tree. Meera with Dolly passes on her bicycle. Tulika gets guuru maa down and says now no one can save her and her follower Meera and traps Gurumaaa into an imperceptible container. She says Gurumaa can see everybody, except no one can see her. She leaves while Guru asks devimaa to help her.

Tulika then gets back and cries before Meera’s family that some elderly person attempted to attack her. Ruler says how dare he will be, he will proceed to rebuff elderly person. Vivan requests that he stay with Tulika while he proceeds to check. When he leaves, Meera takes Tulika to her room. Vivan drives vehicle when he get specialist’s call who says he needs to examine about Meera’s case as he is leaving town tomorrow. Vivan reaches and sees specialist really looking at a man. Doc shows Tulika’s pic and says this man at whatever point sees this pic says she is Dayan and chudail and will hurt him. Vivan believes on the off chance that Tulika is truly Dayan, she will hurt Meera. He surges towards home.

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At home, Meera lets Tulika know that she needs to meet Vivan at this moment. Tulika says she will go with her. Meera drives bicycle with Tulika as pillion. Tulika figures she will complete Meera today taking her to wilderness and this evening is large amavasya. They arrive at incorrect way. Tulika says she knows an easy route which passes through wilderness, they can arrive at Vivan soon. Meera concurs and strolls with her. Tulika stows away. Meera begins looking through Tulika. Tulika flies on tree and drawing a dark supernatural circle trusts that Meera will enter it. Meera strolls towards circle calling Tulika and is going to enter when she hears Vivan’s voice and stops. She then thinks it is her creative mind and gets into circle. Fire emits around circle and she begins getting engrasped into ground. Tulika stands giggling.

Bridal material on zee world Saturday 2nd July 2022: Vivan surges home and gets some information about Meera. Sovereign illuminates Meera went with Tulika to meet him. Vivan surges looking through Meera. Gurumaa asks devimaa to assist her with escaping Tulika’s snare. Vivan sees Guruma’s trishul on street and picks it. Gurumaa thumps bottle, Vivan hears gentle sound, yet leaves in his vehicle once more. Tulika figures no one can save Meera now. Vivan arrives at wilderness looking through Meera.

Precap: Meera gets engrasped in earth while Tulika giggles. Vivan arrives at there looking through Meera.


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