Bridal material on zee world Monday 27th June 2022

Bridal material on zee world Friday 1st July 2022
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Bridal material on zee world Monday 27th June 2022: Meera argues Vivan to pardon her for questioning him. Vivan says he has proactively pardoned her and simply needs to adore her. He gets heartfelt and embraces her when Kusum kumari calls Meera and argues to save her mom as her mom is getting her wedded strongly, she is in sanctuary now. Meera with comes to and cautions mother she can’t get SKA understudy hitched powerfully. Mother says she couldn’t care less, she is getting Kusum Kumari wedded to a man who helped them till now and even got Kusum kumari owned up to SKA. Once more, meera cautions. Mother says she can’t deal with Kusum hereon. Meera says she will deal with Kusum Kumari from hereon.

Meera with Samar brings her back home and lets Dolly know that Kusum’s mom needed to get her hitched strongly, so she brought her here. Cart says she accomplished something useful and takes them in for breakfast. Ruler gets hypnotized seeing Kusum and dreams about her.

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Tujhe Dekha to ye jaana sanam… tune plays behind the scenes. Meera requests that Prince pass on paranthas and chastens him Dolly says she needs to keep matarani’s pooja and hacks. Kusum says she will get water and strolls into kitchen and figures Meera sister a moron to bring her here, she has come here to get payback from Meera and separate her from Vivan. Cart hears canines crying and gets stressed.

Bridal material on zee world Monday 27th June 2022: Cart calls Gurumaa home for pooja. Gurumaa begins havan and breaks soured soil says relationship will be smooth like this sang and assuming that this sand changes tone, that implies a bruised eye is on this house. Family joins for havan. Pandit drones mantras. Kusum peeps and thinks her dark enchantment will ruin pooja. Meera and Vivan does pheras with Vivan and feels drows. Kusum blacks wizardry and smiles. In any case, meera says she is worn out and will rest around evening time. Vivan mumbles she rests early every day. Meera shies and proceeds pheras, however tumbles down. Kusum proceeds with dark sorcery. Gurumaa says a major difficulty is floating, no one ought to move from their place. Vivan says how might they stay here when Meera’s condition is terrible. Gurumaa says more difficulty will drift assuming that they move from here.

Precap: Kusum trims her hair strand, blacks enchantment on it and binds it to Meera’s dupatta to control her.


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