Bridal Material Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World

Bridal material on zee world, Wednesday 22nd June 2022 update
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Bridal Material Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World: Meera’s family energetically makes plans for young men’s family for Meera’s union. Women request dishes from lodging. Aman and his more youthful sibling enthusiastically stand by close to entryway. Kid and his mom enter. Aman inquires as to whether they found house without any problem. Mother says entire area realizes Meera’s name. Aman gets strained figuring they probably come to be familiar with Meera dismissing 17 coalitions as of now. Family presents themselves and makes them sit. Kid talks in his phony emphasize and mother pitches fit.

Meera is brought. Mother asks what she has contemplated. Cart says BA and inquires as to whether kid concentrated on MBA. Mother says from London and asks Meera where did she study. Family gets strained. Meera says from Queen’s school. Mother says she heard understudies talk familiar English there, on the off chance that she can talk. Meera talks in broken English. Kid says she doesn’t know English. Aman says Meera contemplated in Punjabi medium since he got cardiovascular failure once. Mother shouts genealogy has heart infirmities. Daadi says her family is completely fit and fine and does situps and pushups. Aman’s sibling makes her sit. Kid says he loves fit individuals. Mother keeps pitching fit. Food is served. Mother inquires as to whether she set them up all and requests to tell dish names. Meera takes name right. Family unwinds. Cart sees eatery bill and steps on it. Mother says she prefers legitimate bahu who can talk truth. Daadi says her Meera talks truth.

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Meera’s sister checks kid’s biodata on net quietly. Mother asks Dolly to clears out and shows eatery bill. Kid yells they are lier, entire food is from eatery. Mother shouts she doesn’t believe that her child should be hitched in lier’s loved ones. Family apologizes. Kid requests to apologize them. Family apologizes. Kid then requests that Dolly hold her ears and apologize as she lied more. Cart holds ears. Meera says no and says now she will show kid’s biodata and shows his pics smoking and drinking and with numerous young ladies.

Bridal Material Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World: Mother says she had hardly any insight into it. Meera says she was discussing ethical quality and genealogy, she is a major lier, her child is 31-year-old and not 25 as she cited. Mother apologizes. Meera says her family esteems don’t permit elderly folks to apologize. She requests that kid apologize. He expresses out loud whatever. She bends his hand and mumbles something. He is sorry. Mother removes him.

Bridal Material Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World: Daadi and entire family acclaim Meera. Cart asks Meera for what valid reason did she stop, she would have apologized more and persuaded them. Meera says she is burnt out on this, each kid dismisses her with one or other bizarre explanation, it is better she gets her hitched to some cripple. Cart slaps her. Family remains in shock..

Precap: A woman presents Vivan Kapoor as London’s most qualified lone ranger. Vivan is seen running. Meera thinks let him come to Hoshiarpur.


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