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Bridal Material Thursday 9th June 2022 Zee World: Meera strolls to Vivan. Vivan inquires as to whether she is fine, he was thinking about her. She keeps her hand on his mouth and says she needed to come, else it would be past the point of no return, till we were together, they were battling, when they are isolating, they ought to with assent. She says him farewell and leaves. Vivan acknowledges it his creative mind and gets a call. Nurture talks and illuminates his better half took off from clinic. Amar gives Meera’s letter to Vivan hollers his girl is paying for Vivan’s transgressions. Vivan peruses letter that Vivan and Amar both are vital to her and might be after she disappears, their disparities will clear. Amar shouts. Cart stops him and asks even now he is shouting, he drove Meera away from Vivan, so she disappeared from us. Vivan says that implies Amar constrained Meera. Cart says Meera can’t avoid both spouse and father, in the event that something happens to Meera, she won’t excuse them. Ruler requests to stop their contention and search Meera now. They each of the 3 run out and showing Meera’s photograph to individuals search her.

Vivan gets back addressing somebody over telephone and requests to find Meera soon. Cart watches from overhang. Vivan looks for sign in room and cries where did Meera go, she shouldn’t rebuff him like this, she can chasten and shout at him, however bring back. Cart strolls in and consoles him and requests to come and have food. Vivan says mother’s god’s structure, she should be knowing where Meera can go. Cart says she enquired all over the place and got no sign. Vivan asks where she probably gone then, at that point. Cart says she used to stow away at a spot in youth and shows photograph. Where is this spot. Cart says this is her grandparent’s town Pind and used to visit her grandparents there and used to call them as Heer Ranjha and anticipated same love from her significant other. Vivan feels regretful. Cart demands once he finds Meera, he ought to take her to London. Vivan thinks when Meera will see Heer Ranjha’s affection in themselves, she will concur, he will take her to London and bring her joy of entire life that regardless of whether her folks get back to her, she won’t return. His mind streaks finally and acknowledges she should be in town/pind. He goes to Dolly and illuminates that Meera has gone to Pind. Cart gives him Kaleerein and requests to make Meera wear it when he meets her. Vivan leaves. Amar gets back. Cart says Vivan found out where Meera is.

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Meera contacts her grandparent’s home and thinks she used to be so cheerful in this house, picks brush to clean house. Vivan arrives at Pind and look through Meera. Janam Dekhlo Mitgayi Duriyan… … melody plays behind the scenes. Mera faculties his presence. Vivan keeps looking through her and runs. They at last meet. Vivan defies for what reason did she come here without illuminating, she doesn’t pay attention to anybody and has become like him, on the off chance that she is attempting to rebuff him, he will address her dad and attempt to quiet him down. He discusses Pammi and Amaya..

Bridal Material Thursday 9th June 2022 Zee World: Amar arrives at there and asks what’s going on here. He inquires as to whether she is breaking all connections for Vivan, this is the very thing that he instructed him. Meera says she is remaining at a similar spot where she left, the two of them consider just themselves and didn’t once think about her. She faces Vivan that he is simply discussing himself, didn’t ponder her and why she came here and reminded him about past as though she is answerable for everything, he did anything he desired to, accused her and, surprisingly, separated from her. She then goes up against Amar and says she can’t break his guarantee and can’t pardon Vivan.

Precap: Amar orders Vivan to get out. Vivan says he will document legal dispute.
Amar says he will give 5 months and will make his life a damnation. Vivan challenges he will alter Amar’s perspective and power him to give Meera’s hand in his grasp.


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