Bridal Material Tuesday 7th June 2022 Zee World

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Bridal Material Tuesday 7th June 2022 Zee World: Vivan strolls on copying coal appealing to God for Meera’s life. He tumbles down. Meera opens eyes. Amar gets back to medical clinic and says his requests are satisfied. Meera calls Vivan. Amar blows up that Vivan disturbed her so much and attempted to kill her, yet she is calling him, presently she needs to settle on Vivan and her dad. He compels her to pick himself. Meera gestures yes crying. Amar cautions not to break her guarantee. Religios individual gestures of recognition Vivan that his affection is valid, nothing will happen to his woman love, gives him taweez and requests to tie it on his woman love’s shoulder, she will be fine soon.

Vivan gets back to clinic and attempts to go into Meera’s room, yet Dolly stops him and inquires as to whether putting Meera’s life in danger isn’t sufficient that he returned to kill her. Amar leaves and says let him go in. Vivan strolls in and sincerely inquires as to whether she is fine now, he upset her a great deal, presently he will address his error, they won’t separate perpetually now.

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Bridal Material Tuesday 7th June 2022 Zee World: Meera says it is past the point of no return, she needs separate from now, he can get back to London with Amaya and begins another life and can get back to complete last conventions. vivan inquires as to for what reason is she talking like that. Amar strolls in and yells what’s going on, if Vivan needs to murder his girl. Vivan acknowledges Amar is behind this and inquires as to why he is attempting to isolate them. Amar says Vivan had separated from Meera as of now and took her till death bed, he is simply reminding him. Vivan argues not to isolate them. Nurture strolls in and asks them go out.

Bridal Material Tuesday 7th June 2022 Zee WorldMeera is brought back. Vivan sits thinking back Meera’s anxiety for him. He thinks back strict individual giving him taweez and strolls into Meeera’s space to tie it on her hand, yet Amar strolls in and hollers why he needs to kill Meera. Their contention begins. Cart argues Vivan to go now and let Meera rest. Meera hears their battle with shut eyes. Vivan trusts that Amar will go and strolls in back and ties taweez on Meera saying it will safeguard her. He proceeds with that no one can isolate them. Meera requests that he go. Vivan goes to his room unfortunately. Meera awakens after at some point and sees Amar snoozing on seat. She thinks back Amar’s advance notice to pick either him or Vivan and not to break her guarantee.

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Bridal Material Tuesday 7th June 2022 Zee World: Vivan savors alcohol his room thinking back slug hitting Meera, ruffian admitting he needs to isolate Meera and Vivan, and so forth… Tanhayii. Meelon me Phaili hui tanhayi… … .tune… plays behind the scenes. Meera strolls to him.

Precap: Amar gives Meera’s letter to Vivan and hollers his little girl is compensating for Vivan’s mix-up. Vivan peruses Meera’s letter that she is issue for all and is disappearing.


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