Bridal Material Zee world: Full Story, Cast, Plot, Summary And Teasers

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Bridal Material Zee world: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Bridal Material Zee world: Full Story: tells the story of Meera Dhingra a unique, free lady who would rather not be all around prepared for her future spouse. Things change when she meets Vivaan a rich business magnate and a NRI from London.


Bridal Material Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

Meera Dhingra is a vivacious and autonomous lady who preferences playing Kabaddi and doesn’t have any desire to show up all around prepared to her significant other to come. She accepts that ladies lose her character after enrolment in a prepping institute. In any case, her mom constantly demands that she wed and make her into an ideal, appealing, all around prepped and privileged spouse to observe her girl’s wedding after incalculable dismissals of recommendations. Meera accepts Meera may be acknowledged socially by going to Soni Kudi Academy. However, Meera is firmly against the idea and accepts that she ought to wed one in particular who appreciates her similarly as she is.

Vivaan is a famous business head honcho as well as a NRI who is from London. He gets back to India in light of his sister’s craving and is looking for his tragically missing mother Pammi Kapoor. She left the family as a small kid. Despite the fact that he feels a disdain towards his organic mother, he yearns for the day he can meet her.The trust issues Vivaan has are established in his separation and promises to himself not to get hitched. Vivaan doesn’t have faith in marriage, while Meera accepts she really wants her adoration accomplice to acknowledge and cherish her blemishes.

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Meera’s relationship is affirmed in a settlement with Sumair (Paramvir Cheema) in any case, in a silly whirlwind of errors she meets Vivaan while heading to the air terminal. Their viewpoints conflict and they battle. Then, at that point, it is figured out the way that Vivaan is the proprietor of Kapoor Mansion and that the Dhingras are the watchmen. At the point when Vivaan and Amaya live in similar home The wedding of Meera’s arrangements start. Despite the fact that Vivaan thinks Meera is a gold-digger, Meera loathes Vivaan’s proud character. Meera wants to take an interest in a passing kabaddi match during the day of her wedding. Vivaan at first meets Meera to get data on the bangle she has that looks like his mom’s. They start to bond on schedule, without acknowledging it to each other. Sumair, who at first can get Meera’s position, is gradually uncovered as somebody with set assumptions for his prospective spouse. Meera acknowledges the guidance of her family, and not getting any help from her life partner she chooses to get hitched herself. Vivaan and Meera nonetheless, on different they continually contend anyway Vivaan figures out how to keep her from the strained circumstances she winds up in on account of her wedding arranging. While Sumair is uncovered as a shallow individual, Vivaan appears to be an open and liberal individual despite the fact that he is imperfect.

Sumair is drawn to Meera’s sister Silky. He honestly hate Meera and, to keep himself from his wedding, he makes a false MMS video that highlights Meera and Vivaan in a dance and afterward communicates it during the wedding. He controls Meera to accept that she was Vivaan who made the video, and she hits Vivaan. Meera is tormented and knocked by town hoodlums, in any case, Vivaan can save her. They get hitched to safeguard Meera’s respect. They choose to separate from following their wedding since they aren’t fulfilled. They choose to keep their approaching separation from Meera’s family until the separation is settled. In the interim Vivaan’s stepmother, who is likewise her Business accomplice Roma Kapoor (Shilpa Saklani) moves into Kapoor Mansion with the plan to separate their relationship. Actually Meera alongside Vivaan become dear companions and at last fall head over heels, which causes a break with Roma. There are numerous miscommunications among them and furthermore controls Vivaan who has scorn for his mom and accepts that Pammi Kapoor might want to kill Amaya alongside him. Meera isn’t persuaded which is the primary justification for the contention and possible partition. The separation is generally a subject between them. Eventually, Pammi Kapoor is uncovered as the spouse of Soni Kudi’s proprietor Mrs Singh. Roma is uncovered, and all allegations against Pammi are dispersed and they are brought together with their families as one.

Vivaan as well as Meera choose to share their fondness for each other be that as it may, the joy doesn’t keep going for a really long time, which is when Pammi alongside Amaya are stole. Vivaan is focused on for coercion and a series of occasions bring about Pammi’s demise as well as Amaya being set in an in a trance like state. Vivaan isn’t getting Meera and blames her for partaking in the grabbing adventure and, therefore, causing the demise of Pammi. Meera endeavors to show her honesty Vivaan however without much of any result and she chooses to separate from him. He starts to abhor Meera as she will not get separated and afterward pesters her interminably with his brutal comments and conduct. A progression of occasions drives Meera alongside Vivaan to the hijacker who is associated with being the offender and Meera can save Vivaan of being discharged by snatching the slug. Vivaan’s doubts are dissipated and he endeavors to recover her friendship, while blaming himself for trusting a bogus and devised story. Sadly, the dad of Meera provides Meera with the choice of picking either him and Vivaan. Meera chooses to pick her dad with force and is injured by Vivaan’s activities in the past anyway this doesn’t end Vivaan. He joins the Dhingra family as a cook to show that he’ll take on any errand to help Meera. Meera’s dad is a difficult situation for Vivaan and ceaselessly censures his child. Notwithstanding, he will live with it in light of a legitimate concern for Meera’s. Then, at that point, her dad finds the ideal lucky man for her, and furthermore his child who is his dearest companion’s. This is the second that gets Sunny their reality. Meanwhile, Meera tragically accepts the wedding to train Vivaan the illustration she learned, not understanding the tempest coming into their lives.

Radiant is depicted as a respectable person , yet he is genuinely attempting to demolish Meera and Vivaan’s sentiment. Vivaan and Meera battle against Sunny earnestly. He attempts to separate them through the sending Vivaan in prison, and irritating Meera yet falls flat. The police capture him before very long.

Vivaan and Meera are carrying on with a blissful life. While they are busy, he presents his mom’s passing Soni Kudi school to Meera. In any case, the past of his mom torment him. Paromita was Vivaan’s dear companion and was drawn to him anyway he didn’t adore her. Meera has dreams about the manners in which Vivaan was the reason for Paromita’s homicide she chooses to cut him down open to be faulted for the passing of an honest and afterward endeavoring to conceal the way that he was mindful. She arranged an emotional play that describes the situation that happened during the Soni Kudi institute, however later, Vivaan substantiates himself honest. Be that as it may, Paromita’s girl Tulika (Swati Kapoor) looks for vengeance on Vivaan in light of the fact that he would not marry her. Vivaan and Meera can perfect their marriage. The show goes off in a strange direction, however towards their decision, the couple reunite and the show closes with Meera being expecting, and a delightful lady and the whole family partaking in the festival.

Bridal Material Zee world

Bridal Material Zee world


Bridal Material Zee world Cast and Real names:
Fundamental Roles

Arjit Taneja as Vivaan Kapoor, Pummy Kapoor’s child, Amaya’s Brother, Meera’s better half
Aditi Sharma as Meera Dhingra, Amar and Dolly’s girl, Nimmo and Prince’s sister, Vivaan’s significant other, Pummy Kapoor’s little girl in regulation
Vishavpreet Kaur as Pammi Kapoor, CEO of Soni Kudi Academy, Vivaan and Amaya’s mom , Meera’s mother by marriage
Shilpa Saklani as Roma Kapoor, Vivaan and Amaya’s progression mother, Sunny’s mom
Jaswinder Gardner as Dolly Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s mom
Sagar Saini as Amar Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s dad
Neena Cheema as Beeji, Meera, Nimmo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s grandma
Ekroop Bedi as Nimmo Dhingra, Meera and Prince’s sister, Puppy’s sweetheart
Ayush Gupta as Prince Dhingra, Meera and Nimmo’s sibling, Tullika’s better half
Mamta Verma as Laali, Meera, Nimmo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s auntie, Silky’s mom, Sunny’s mother by marriage
Ritu Vashistha as Sweety Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s auntie, Meher and Simran’s mom, Bittu’s better half
Ashu Sharma as Bittu Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s uncle, Meher and Simran’s dad, Sweety’s better half
Prachi Bansal as Silky, Meera, Nimmo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s cousin, Sumer’s sweetheart, Sunny’s significant other
Aaghnya Bisht as Silky, Meera, Nimmo, Meher, Prince and Simran’s cousin , Sumer’s sweetheart, Sunny’s significant other
Paramvir Cheema Singh as Sumer Kapoor, Meera’s cherished, lifelong companion and ex, Silky’s beau
Tasneem Ali as Suman Kapoor, Sumer’s mom
Aditi Rawat as Jaspreet “Preeto” Kaur, Meera’s dearest companion
Khushi Mishra as Meher Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s cousin, Simran’s Sister
Snehal Pandey as Simran Dhingra, Meera, Nimmo and Prince’s cousin, Meher’s sister
Manraj Singh as Sunny Kapoor, Roma’s tragically missing child, Vivaan and Amaya’s progression sibling, Silky’s better half
Nikunj Malik as Paromita, Vivaan’s companion who was enamored with him, Tulika’s Sister
Swati Kapoor as Tulika Dhingra, Paromita’s sister and Prince’s significant other.

Visitors Cast:
Priom Gujjar Chaudhary as Rohan Malhotra, one of Meera’s admirers
Juhi Aslam as a Black Magic entertainer
Amrapali Gupta as a Black Magic entertainer
Vikas Rao as Sumer’s companion
Pavitra Punia as Vishkanya, a shape-moving snake[5] Majinder Kareer

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