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Broken Hearts Friday 26th November 2021:The Episode starts with Tarun checking missed calls and calling Saloni. She says come soon, baby may come anytime. He leaves from office. Ahana makes coffee. Rehaan asks will you make coffee for me, what happened. She hugs him and says Gupta….He asks what Gupta. She tells everything. He says how dare he talk to you like this, he didn’t understand, I will kill him. She says please don’t tell Anant, I m worried that I have splashed water on his face, if he tries to hurt anyone of us. He says you need not fear anyone when I m here, I m with you. He kisses and hugs her.

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Doctor says your wife’s delivery will take some time, everything is fine. Tarun calls Ahana. Anant asks Ahana to sit. He says I m not creative like you, I didn’t know what gift shall I get that my feelings

reach you, I made a try, hope you like it, its not just a pendant, but a sign of my love, it will remind you, I love you and will always do, if you wear it, I will consider that I still have a place in your heart. She nods. He makes her wear the pendant. She thinks of Rehaan.

Ae dil na kar….plays…..
He says you look even more beautiful wearing this. She gets Tarun’s call. He says Saloni is in labour. She says I m coming. Anant says that’s great news. They go to Laila. Ahana says Saloni is in labour. Laila says I don’t like that but I m really becoming a grandma. Ahana says baby will be delivered. Anant asks Rehaan to come. Ahana says please come. They leave.

Broken Hearts Friday 26th November 2021:Roshni asks Yamini to see something she got, actually Anant for this pendant for you. Yamini says wow, its beautiful, his choice is always special. Roshni says I want to see how it looks, wear it. She makes Yamini wear it. She compliments Yamini and hugs her.

A man comes to deliver a letter to Anant. Karan says he is not at home, give it to me, I will hand over. The man says sorry, I have to give this letter just to him. Laila and Roshni think to find out what’s written in the letter. Roshni says he is my dad, I will give it to him.

Laila asks Roshni not to read the letter, let Anant read it, as its addressed to him. Roshni keeps letter and goes. Laila thinks to check. Roshni says let dad read it, I will keep it in workshop. Laila hides from Kavita. Roshni comes and says you here, did you have any work. Laila says I get bored by sitting on this wheelchair, so I came here. Roshni says its fine, you are part of this family now. Laila thanks her and goes.

Anant and Ahana congratulate Saloni and Tarun. Saloni asks why didn’t mom come. Ahana says she has physiotherapy session, she will come in some time, where is the baby. Nurse gets the baby. Ahana says his eyes are like dad. Tarun says we shall click a pic. Anant goes on call. They click pics. Rehaan comes with bouquet and balloons.

Broken Hearts Friday 26th November 2021:He jokes on Saloni. He says I m just joking, congrats, I wish your champ grows up and becomes good looking like me. Anant says sorry, I have to leave for an imp meeting, Rehaan drop Ahana home. He leaves. Gupta says I said I won’t come. Rekha says Lord gave us a chance to welcome a new family member, what’s that baby’s fault, he is your blood, Tarun’s son, your heir. He drinks and disconnects the call.

Laila reads Vyoma’s letter about Rehaan and Ahana betraying Anant’s truth. Laila sees Rehaan and Ahana. She tears the letter. She says Anant got a letter written by Vyoma, she has written about your and Rehaan’s friendship.

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