Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 15th April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 15th April 2022: Pihu illuminates Suchi that Gopal told that she is getting moksh/time everlasting and will leave this world until the end of time. He told she will be brought into the world as mamma/Anandita’s little girl once more. Suchi embraces her and says she is exceptionally glad that she will return back with new life. Pihu says Gopal told she needs to forget laddo, desserts, mamma, Suchi everything if she needs to get back. Suchi trusts Pihu doesn’t recollect her past.

Mansi strolls into room. Babli sees elderly person in room and asks why is she here. Mansi says she is finishing room with blossoms. Babli says she doesn’t need to do that. Mansi leaves concealing her weapon. Babli tracks down anklet on floor and thinks back giving it to Mansi.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 15th April 2022: Suchi prepares as lady. Pihu acclaims her magnificence. Suman lets Gulgule know that it is an interesting marriage as lady of the hour will go from this house and get once again to same house. Aarav as man of the hour accompanies baarat. Suchi checks out at him from overhang and adulates him. Pihu likewise moves in baraat.

Wedding service proceeds. Subodh reminds Anandita that even he had brought baarat for her correspondingly. She says she needs to bring back new Pihu in their life and needs another kid. Subodh gets cheerful and embraces her. Mansi shoots Subodh over and over. Subodh stands freezed.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 15th April 2022: Anandita inquires as to why he isn’t responding and sees blood on her hand. Subodh breakdowns. Aarav and that’s what others notice and run towards Subodh. Mansi eliminates her hairpiece and attempts to shoot Anandita. Anandita distinguishes her. Aarav runs and holds hooligans. Gopal closes Pihu’s eyes to prevent her from seeing her dad’s homicide and thinks he attempted to prevent Pihu from wishing which can’t occur, however she didn’t tune in, he will fend her off for 7 days until Subodh’s last privileges are performed. He vanishes with Pihu. Suchi look through Pihu..

Precap: Pihu runs towards Anandita. Anandita meets with a mishap.


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