Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 19th May 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 20th May 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 19th May 2022 Pihu faces Gopal that her mamma is so great and considers everybody, except why everybody ponder her, she was sold out and shipped off mental medical clinic, as it were “Vikram chachu dealt with mamma and presently even he is disappearing, she argues Gopal to prevent mammaa disappearing from Vikram. Anandita packs her garments and cries holding her wedding sari and thinking back wedding Vikram.

Pihu argues her not to go, however Anandita can’t hear her. Gopal arises there and grins. Viram takes out his and Anandita’s wedding pics from cabinet and says he doesn’t require them. Gopal arises and does his leela/enchantment. Vikram goes to store space to keep pics when he finds gunny pack which Daadi gave him to keep it in store room and in which Subodh’s blooded garments are stuff. He then, at that point, finds Suubodh’s phony voice recording which Subodh says his sibling is attempting to kill him. Vikram at last understands that his mom played major game with him. Gopal figures he would have assisted Pihu with night in the event that she could never have inquired.

Vikram strolls to family room and tossing proof before Daadi inquires as to for what reason did she sell out him, she played with Subodh and his sentiments and is a dim blemish on parenthood. He yells Anandita was let truth know every one of these while, if she needed to kill Anandita. Daadi yells indeed, she has attempted commonly become friends with Mohini before as she could do without Anandita. Vikram requests that Mohini escape his home. She attempts to act. He cautions her. She says she will go however not prior to confessing to confidential. Pihu asks Gopal not to let her tell Shona’s reality.

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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 19th May 2022: Mohini illuminates that Anandita’s little girl passed on in chamber impact a long time back and even Aanandita knew it previously. Anandita breaks hearing that. Mohini says the one remaining here is a vagrant young lady who communicates in road language. Shona strolls down. Mohini requests to tell from where did she bring. Shona concurs that she is a vagrant young lady residing on roads and presently will return to her unique spot. She strolls towards entryway when Avanti enters and says she will go to her genuine home and says she went to shelter and got her subtleties. Shona sincerely embraces Anandita and leaves with Avanti.

Anandita cries holding Pihu’s garments. Vikram consoles her. She falls. Specialist really takes a look at her. Pihu asks Gopal what has been going on with her mamma. Gopal requests that she pause. Specialist illuminates that Anandita is pregnant. Pihu gets exceptionally blissful. Vikram joyfully illuminates Anandita that she is pregnant with their most memorable youngster. Following a couple of months, Anandita brings forth a child young lady. Pihu addresses her and inquires as to why she isn’t talking, she used to in mother’s belly. Gopal says child is Pihu’s shadow and gets Pihu’s spirit into child..

Show closes with Pihu living in her sister’s body from hereon.


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