Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 21st April 2022

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Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 21st April 2022: Anandita runs on the street seeing Pihu running into a house. Somebody locks the entryway from the outside. Pihu yells to stop and attempts to do sorcery yet can’t. Anandita implodes on street. A speeding truck heads towards her. Pihu argues for Gopal to save her mamma. A dubious man comes running holding a truck with pots and pushes towards the truck. The truck quits, saving Anandita. Individuals assemble around Nandita. Pihu comes out in some way and chastens him why he is attempting to kill her mamma. A man strolls toward her and she gets apprehensive. He picks a jewel on the ground and leaves.

Bobby keeps intriguing ACP and flaunts this house was worked by her granddad in the 1940s, his granddad was a political dissident. ACP insults him and says even his dad was in 1942 tumult, which fomentation his granddad was in. Bobby stammers in apprehension and signs Rohini. Rohini handles the circumstance. He gloats about the old jar. Barbie’s sibling Sunny breaks it and says it isn’t solid. Radiant then flaunts this light fixture is brought by his mother from London. ACP says it is high and Sunny can’t arrive there. Sooraj vapor that Bobby lied such a huge amount since adolescence. Neelam says let him lie, they are paid as of now.

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Bobby and Barbie’s sentiment begins. Barbie inquires as to for what reason didn’t he tell him he has a cottage in Lucknow. He says this home is tiny contrasted with his Delhi, Mumbai, and other city homes. Barbie asks Bobbie for what reason didn’t he check out at her by any stretch of the imagination.

He says he is dazzling his dad to be with her eternity and starts it is so excellent to intrigue her that she. Barbie says she is so stout, and still, after all, that he cherishes her so much, else everybody can’t stand corpulent young ladies. Some were demanding to get her hitched to any separation or elderly person and dispose of her soon. Bobby says he adores her to such an extent. She says she is exceptionally fortunate. He attempts to kiss her when Sunny strolls in and asks what’s going on with him. He says she got a fever, so he was taking a look at her.

Can You See Me On Zee World Thursday 21st April 2022: Bobby’s theatrics proceeds. ACP checks the entire house and strolls toward Anandita’s room. Rohini sees Subodh’s photograph inside, quietly strolls in, and discards it. Pihu strolls in and sees their father’s photograph on the floor yells who tossed it. A couple of individuals convey Anadita’s home. Sooraj sees her and becomes stressed, reprimands Neelam how did madamji go out. Individuals talk about how Anandita is the proprietor of a major house, however, has nobody to deal with her. Sooraj requests to take her up. Rohini gets strained hearing this.

Precap: Barbie’s mom does Barbie and Bobby’s commitment ceremonies. A dubious man approaches the landline and says he needs to address Anandita. ACP says this is Bobby Khanna’s home.


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