Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 17th May 2022

Can You See Me On Zee World Friday 20th May 2022
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Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 17th May 2022:L Anandita awakens and sees Vikram sitting before her, Daadi and Mohini standing. She checks Subodh’s photograph out. Vikram holds her and inquires as to whether she is fine, she was yelling in rest. Anandita pushes him and yells to disappear. Vikram leaves tragically. Mohini asks Daadi when will she get Vikram’s marks on legal documents. Daadi says tomorrow she has organized havan for Vikram’s better future and will get marks quietly.

Shona plays with far off vehicle when Pihu strolls in, slips and falls on vehicle. She admonishes Shona. Shona as expected shouts at her and says she will help her just a single time to get up. Pihu asks when she will go to meet her Avanti and illuminate she is her girl. Shona expresses let things go as they are going, Avanti is extremely cheerful without realizing she is her girl. Pihu says no one can really tell what Avanti is going through, similar to her mamma used to be extremely miserable, however never used to tell her, so Shona ought to ask Avanti what she feels, assuming she has any issue. Shona concurs.

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Havan pooja begins. Vikram and Anandita sit for pooja. Pihu sees legal documents and understands it. She calls Gopal and asks what separation implies. Gopal says if mummy father battle and never need to meet perpetually, they separate. Pihu says she doesn’t mamma and Vikram chachu separate. Gopal says for that she needs to control her greatest apprehension. Pihu thinks back her apprehension for fire and passing on from it and frenzies, however says she can’t fear fire, picks havan stick and consumes legal documents. Anandita sees consuming papers and illuminates Daadi to drop them. Daadi and Mohini stand stunned. Vikram requests to drop papers. Gopal acclaims Pihu. Pihu genuinely embraces Anandita. Anandita faculties her touch and responds. Gopal favors them. Pihu takes off crying.

Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 17th May 2022: Shona meets Avanti. Avanti gets going in telephone. Shona picks her life as a youngster scarf and intentionally taking a gander at Avanti attempts to cut it. That’s what avanti sees and speedily grabs it, chastens what’s happening with she. Shona says she is making doll dress from this fabric. Avanti cautions her challenge not to. Shona inquires as to why she is so connected to this material, fellowship implies adoring and mindful, she would rather not converse with her and takes off.

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Mohini lets Daadi know that they took Anandita and Vikram’s marks on legal documents, yet their persistent effort fizzled, what they will do now. Daadi says Anandita passing. Mohini says they attempted so often to kill her, however fizzled, don’t have any idea how Anandita got away. Daadi says Anandita will commit suicide this time.

Can You See Me On Zee World Tuesday 17th May 2022: Avanti strolls to Shona/Pihu and apologizes her. Shona yells she would rather not address her. Avanti says she needs to confess to her mysterious, why scarf is critical to her, god has given her a revile that she can’t become mother once more, she brought forth a kid quite a while back misguidedly as her beau deceived her and left her pregnant. She needed to leave that youngster in shelter. Shona asks how might she forsake her kid. Avanti says she was unmarried around then and had to forsake her kid. Shona cries genuinely embracing her.

Precap: No precap. Promotion of Jeet gayi to piya morey chronic’s takeover at 6:30 p.m. in Bhootu’s opening is shown.


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