Career Planning 10 Most Effective Tips

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Career planning simply means the process of making plans for what you want to become in life. it also involves the planning of what to study in school.

All carriers planning involve the planning of what you wish to become in life and what you want to do for a living in life.

It is very necessary for every person to have a good carrier plan before venturing into anything to avoid disappointment along the line.

There are various things to put into consideration when making an authentic carrier plan.

There comes a time in a person’s life that he or she wants to settle down to achieve a particular goal.

This is the basic time the principle of planning a carrier is implemented.

What is a carrier?

To the students, view carrier is the course or profession you have chosen to pursue in school.

But in a wide meaning carrier is anything be it a course, profession, a skill, or a business which you choose to do for life for a living.

A lot of problems have been recorded people have choosing careers that are far from what they expect to do in life because of lack of good information and career planning.

In this post am going to share Career Planning 10 Most Effective Tips

There are ten steps to be considered as Career Planning 10 Most Effective Tips.

But the question that must be answered is this

Why do I want to choose this particular carrier?

What is the motivation I got to venture into this carrier?

What is the outcome am expecting after getting this particular carrier?

How is my intending to make my carrier a success?

All these questions will be answered in our next line of posts titled title how to choose and make your carrier a success.

Let get down to our basic focus key phrase on this post Career Planning 10 Most Effective Tips.

They include:

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  • Personal assessment:

First, a carrier planner should first access his or herself very well before thinking of the carrier to go for.

This assessment begins with cross-checking all the necessary likes and dislikes within you.

What do you love doing?.

Secondly in which area is very good?

How skillful am I to attend to this carrier?

Thirdly how do I really want to leave my life?.

The last is what do I really want to do or what is my dream purpose in life.

This assessment is very necessary because at times you will see young youths who are very lackadaisical about what they are doing for a living, lack of seriousness and passion for their work.

This is because they made the wrong choice of carrier.

They had a carrier in mind aside from what they are doing so it makes them take their present carrier for granted.

This is one of the reasons that every carrier must be personally assessed before made a carrier plan.

The reason for Personal assessment in a carrier is to make sure that there will be no wrong choice of carrier.

For students, personal assessment involves the checking of performances in courses and subjects.

The courses you perform very well in determining your line of study.

For example, if you do score high in a sciences course it means you are going to pick one of the science courses of your choice such as medicine if you do well in biology, physics, and chemistry, engineering if you do solve mathematics very well, etc.

But if you love art subjects do very well in them.

You are going to choose carrier courses such as law if you know government and history very well.

Banking and finance, accountancy that is if you know subjects like accounting mathematics.  Etc.


  • List out a routine of carrier plan:

Every reasonable human has more than one carrier in mind to carry out this is why the need to make a list for them is very important.

So that you will know the list of what you have in mind to do.

You are going to plan your carrier from


Prioritize your choices of the carrier:

After you have made a list of routines the next step is to prioritize your choice of carrier.

Life itself is in stages in every stage in life it is a new phase to do a particular according to your level.

You might have in mind to become a professional medical doctor as well as becoming rich in business.

All you need to do is to pursue your carrier according to its order of priority.

First, there is always a stepping stone to everything in life.

You want to become a professional medical doctor, as well as a business tycoon.

Both you can achieve, but your first target should be to let me become a doctor first, let me have my doctorate degree first then when I start earning as a doctor, I can venture into different businesses even in my own field.

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Compare your choices:

Comparison of choices is very important in carrier planning it entails comparing what you want to do with what wish to become. In life do this and make the right choice.


  • Market survey:

The market survey does not imply buying of goods. it simply talking about making research about which course is more lucrative in the labor market.

Which people service is demanded often in the market?

This as one of the Career Planning 10 Most Effective Tips helps you to choose a lucrative carrier.

  • Make your choice:

 Your career choice should be guided by your love and passion for it, in accordance with what is selling in your own country.

Because not all carrier that works in my country works in yours so be guided.


  • Classify your goal of achievement:

In every carrier, there is always a set of goals to achieve set aside as plans of level to attend in life



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