Causes Of Jamb Mass Failure 2022 – 11 Possible Reasons.

JAMB 2022 UTME Registration Date,
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The joint admission matriculation board organizes the 2021 jamb which started on the 19thCauses Of Jamb Mass Failure 2021.

July. It was recorded according to the board analysis that about 70% of candidates that sit for the exam failed the exam.

And it was recorded that the 2021 Jamb exams are a massive failure as they began to release results.

In this blog post, you are going to see at least the five possible reasons that lead to jamb massive failure in jamb 2021.

These are reasons that are very important so that the same thing won’t occur the again next year 2021.

The student never followed the syllable:

As it was has been updated in the topic  How To Score Above 300 In Jamb 2021 -9 Unbeatable Techniques

A student who wishes to pass jamb and make above 300 in jamb mustn’t neglect using the jamb 2021 syllable to study.

But most of the candidates who wrote jamb this year do not obey this principle and this is one of the reasons they weren’t able to smash jamb this year.

Passing jamb depends on a candidate who is willing to make good use of the 2021 jamb syllables.

Lackadaisical behaviors ‘towards brochures:

The use of jamb brochures was neglected by these candidates who made them unable to score the most pressing topics likely to come out in the exams also offer guidelines on how to answer jamb examinations questions.

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And also offers guidelines on how to fill jamb slips.

Bad reading habit:

The most excruciating part of the jamb 2021 examinations isn’t that students didn’t pass jamb alone but most of them have very bad reading habits. Because no matter how elegant and effective a student is he or she is obliged the find a proper and effective reading to improve intellectual to make the brain very ready to sit for exams.

Late Jamb registration:

Late registration is one of the Causes Of Jamb Mass Failure 2021.

because they failed to register early.

And this made them not have enough time to read and prepare for the examinations.

Late arrival to the exam.

Many cried when they realize they came to the exam center late after exams have already started and the time of exam has finished I could remember a tall handsome guy where I was invigilating was shedding tears, that he came 45 minutes after his exam started that he could not answer all through a subject.

No C. B. T. Computer training:

Many of the students who stood for the 2021 Jamb exam did not go for the C B T exam knowing that the exam is a computer-based test. It wasn’t easy for them to develop a very fast answer technique on their first contact with that particular program.

Most of them might have been unable to answer all their questions with the time they were given this is one of the reasons why most candidates failed this year’s examinations.

Poor centers:

this is one Causes Of Jamb Mass Failure 2021  Some jamb centers are poorly equipped they do not have the necessary tendency to provide good exam conditions for the candidate.

In certain cases, it has been realized by the jamb official authorities that some centers are not up to date with them.

In other words, they do not have all the necessary equipment to keep their candidates very comfortable writing their exams.

Lack of speed:

Many candidates lack the speed to answer their questions notwithstanding that the exam was given timeless that hour to end the exam.#

Some student barely finishes their exams the end up not concluding their question in some subjects.


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Computer illiteracy:

Some illiterate candidates find it very difficult to understand how to operate the computer to answer their questions considering the time given.

They keep shivering until their time of exams finishes this is the reason why most of those who sat for the exams this year were not able to perform well.

You will see a student who registered for jamb he or she cannot hold a computer mouse very well

Talk more to click fast even to answer his question. This is because many of them refused to go to any computer institution to register for computers.

The reason why it is necessary that students who registered for the exam CBT program are to make sure that they can be able to answer very well in the exam hall. But because they never taught any the reverse became the case.

Lack of complete study material:

Passing jamb has to do with having the right study material.

I mean complete material which includes textbooks and exam pass questions.

Most people fail to study their subject with the correct material at hand.

Wrong study techniques:

As it was stipulated in my earlier How To Pass Jamb In 2021 10 Amazing Tips

So because of this issue, many students have been reading hard but at the end of the exam they barely made up to 180 but.

Not because they never read but they read the wrong way.

Reading the wrong way simply entails, reading without your jamb questions,

Reading to cram not to understand,

Reading all topics not following syllables etc.

Many rumors were passed on immediately jamb result came out that the examination board reported mass failure in jamb 2021.

I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eye.

This site has all it takes to make a score above 300 in jamb.


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