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Curse Of The Sand Saturday 2nd October 2021 -Zee World Update When Sunan went to the warehouse looking for Amar, he appeared from behind and burned his hand with a hot iron.

He brought the black remote who was sought by Sunana, Sunana thought he had found what happened in his mind and tried to seize the remote. But, Amar pushed him on the floor, when Sunana tried to avoid and hit him.

Amar followed him with a vase, but Sunana pushed nails deep into the meat near his neck. Amar pulled nails and sat down and grinned, showing that he might kill Sunana immediately, but he didn’t do it.

Curse Of The Sand Saturday 2nd October 2021 -Zee World Update Meanwhile, his mother walked out of the room in the dark and Shiv followed her. Ananya asked why he teased him and always followed to make his mood and hug Shiv. The hall lights suddenly lit up, and the mother was surprised to see the house full of red balloons and cakes. Ananya said that he was sure it had to plan Shiv. Shiv took the earrings he brought to him, from his pocket, as he laughed and used it as he wished.


After seeing this, Amar began playing with a remote. Chaya spied on Amar and went to tell everything to Sunan. Ananya saw three balloons at the entrance and the rest of the decoration.

He asked why Shiv had tied three balloons differently, but before he could answer the whole family arrived. Sunan thought it was the right time to avoid Shiv, but Amar threatened him to use a remote in his hand.

The lights go dim and Amar singing, Ik Haseena Thi … like the name remains with Shiv. Amar pulled his arms and began dancing with him. Shiv walked to the side of anger. Sunan watched disappointed because Amar left his mother.

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The mother then sang, Deewani Ho Gai for Shiv, and kissed Shiv’s hand, grateful for everything he had done. Shiv wants to dedicate songs, Hansa Rehta Hun Kyun Aaj Kal for Ananya as two shared dances. Ketki cried while watching all this from behind the door. Amar now brings his own hands and swirling. When he knelt in front of his mother, the remote fell from his pocket.

Curse Of The Sand Saturday 2nd October 2021 -Zee World Update Chaya carefully gets a remote and takes Sunanda inside, handing the remote to Mohini. Mohini pulls the battery pin out and says it’s fake. Amar came clapping them. He grinned that they could not destroy the plan so easily this time and said that it was five minutes to 12, and the plan would be revealed.

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