Curse of the Sand Thursday 16th September Update Zee World

Curse Of The Sand Wednesday 6th October 2021 Zee World
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Curse of the Sand Thursday 16th September 2021 Roshni got ready in her room, looking at the mirror when Kachra Jin/safe walked in and braid her hair. He remembers safely braiding his hair in a way and thinking that they are connected somehow and he shouldn’t send Kachra Jin to Jin Jail. Tabreezi with Natasha’s watch on the tab screen. Shayari entered and took Roshni for a photoshoot.

Tabreezi thinks now Blue Moon has arrived and once Roshni killed Kachra Jinn as a substitute for sending him to prison, he would regain the heart of his angel from Roshni. After Photoshoot, Kachra Jinn confirmed Roshni to get ready to be bad like him.

Tabreezi thinks he will kill Kachra Jinn and seize Angel’s heart from Roshni. A black hole appears on the wall. Tabreezi pushed Roshni in that direction. Kachra Jinn was sucked into it. Roshni imagined the time spent with safe and Kachra Jin had safe traits, so he pulled it back. The family shouted what he did.

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Reina looked for Shayari and found him saying let’s go and punish Natasha. Shayari said Natasha was not the real culprit, Tabreezi was behind all this. Roheness was surprised and said Tabeezi helped their families from the start. Shayari said he didn’t know.

Roshni identified Kachra Jin as safe. The family asked why he saved the Kachra Jin. Roshni said they did not know who he was and solved the magical tabreezi concoction. Kachra Jin returns to safe. Roshni emotionally hugged him.

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Ayana appears and tells Tabreezi that Roshni identifies safely and proves himself right. Tabrizi said it was safe back to myself because Blue Moon and showed Roshni’s death order for Kachra Jinn. Junior Ayana said seeing a death order, he trusted Tabeezi, so he took back his proPrecap: Roshni and safe Watch Tabeezi do magic and call Jinn’s sword tection for the heart of the Roshni angel. Senior said he still trusted Roshni and disappeared.

Safely asked Roshni how he identified him. Roshni said his heart identified his heart. Daadi said Roshni really loved safely. Roshni asked who turned it into Kachra Jinn. Safely driving Tabeezi threw a magical herb to him and walked towards him. Tabreezi becomes tense.

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